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    Schiada regatta pics!

    I dig em and would run them in mine in a heartbeat right after I do it in all new white gel but I prefer to be unconventional. Everyone thought I was nuts putting suspension seats in mine almost 20 years ago until they rode in it. Lol. Light weight and inexpensive too. Conventional interiors...
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    Cigarette Racing sent me info on my boat

    Very cool
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    Schiada regatta pics!

    That suks but u will have it the way you want when done. Sure looked good imo. Trailer too. Did u sell the seats/brackets?
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    Rack Storage at its finest!!

    Nothing Id want their🤦🏻‍♂️Damn
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    Schiada regatta pics!

    Yea it def looked good in the pics. Soon as I saw it I wanted to go all white with black buckets. I was ready to grab those seats from Paul if he put a conventional interior in it to sell it
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    Cool post for second generation Dodge fans

    Amazing score. Great trucks. I sure love mine. Bought it new in 2000 and Only 105K mi.
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    Schiada regatta pics!

    There was a red v drive vector at the lower sandbar a coup days before the 4th that sure caught my eye. Super nice.
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    Schiada regatta pics!

    Is that the white 20 with the 4 racetech buckets?
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    Willow Valley Folks...... Question

    Im wanting to spend some time up there for a change as well
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    [WTS] V-Drive 1-1/16 cruiser props for sale

    Im guessing you mean 1-1/8” and for everyone with a 1” shaft Bergeron sells a sleeve for 1-1/8” props.
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    Warpath on bring a trailer.

    Bad bitch. Like to have it just to run tight circles around a few wave tractors 🤣
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    Got this letter from my finacial institute today.

    Gotta make up for the billions worth of armament handed to the taliban. We should be getting a refund for that shit. I did not pay crazy ass taxes for that. Fuk joe and the ho who is freeing hard core criminals. Fuk this shit in congress searching for ways to take. Joes path to socialism at its...
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    Looking for a witness

    They’re only going to run the numbers if it’s some thing that they can generate revenue with like a violation, dui, etc. shitty but true. The same cops that told you no will be waiting for you to skip a step in your flip flop on your way to retrieve your truck/trailer the min you put the key in...
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    2001 27’ Rayson Craft

    I dig it. Tempting.
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    Biggest Tractor Show Of The Year Happening NOW!....

    I heard the water in Parker was plowed to hell today bad. Lotta peeps complaining. Couldn't even tie up anywhr.