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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Westbound I40 Chandler,Az to Gallup,Nm and then back to Chandler,Az Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Been lurking for a while

    I lurked for years then finally got active. Welcome to boards!
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    Mark Cuban - lost all respect in 1 sentence

    fuck that guy he's a rich douche!
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    I agree its a shitty name for it, but I'm glad I'll see something other than a fucking tesla driving down the street.
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    Who's in Cabo

    Bummer we'll be at the Hyatt ziva in 20 days. Will you let me know how the RONA test process is to get back home?
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    PSA...another clue into the minds of women

    That's the truth! I don't get why it bothers them so much. I wish my old lady would stop working from home and go back to her office!
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    Who’s going to Boat show / Super Cat / Desert Storm?

    I'm hoping to make the boat show this Sunday. Sometimes it sucks having Sun/Mon/Tues off work but its nice at the launch ramp on those days.
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    Desert Storm 2021 Sold Out!!

    Anyone seen the Terrible Herbst ski boat lately? Its seems like Herbst family fell of the map? Probably the covid bullshit..
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    Body Scan International: Who’s done it?

    Thanks for posting this. I've wanted to do a body scan for sometime and for me its one of those things that I forget to research and check out. I think I'll take this time and checkout the health view website. I have no doubt my health insurance won't cover it but I'm going to check anyway.
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    Sorry man that sucks..
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    Swing by Detail Specialties today - WOW!

    Shops looks clean, vehicles look clean, I think I'll bring my boat by and see if they can clean up my old 82.
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    New rear bumper

    I got to thinking the same thing after staring at it for a while. I think with the angle of the plate a chase light would be ineffective.
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    New rear bumper

    I’m out walking my dog several months ago and meet this guy in my neighborhood. He has a crazy Teryx 4 build. It has long travel, custom one off doors, and an aluminum bed. This thing looks amazing! So we get to bullshitting and it turns out he likes to do fab work in his garage and he built...
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    "Borderland Beat"...Anyone Else Seeing What's Happening In The Friendly Country To The South?

    I have friends that head over to Rocky Point all the time and love it. None of them have had issues but I know the minute I end down there some shit will happen. I guess I'm just paranoid. We're headed down to Los Cabos at the end of May. We fly direct to Cabo from Phoenix and its a company...
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    Happy Wife - Happy Life - C8 Edition

    Those new vette's are mean looking! Congratulations