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    Right why all of a sudden is there shootings every few days
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    I can't remember when the last shooting was with Trump i know he had them just can't remember its been awhile. Now with Biden there has been like 5 in 4mo fits right in with them pushing gun control
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    Doge coin

    We have like 4300 shares
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    Doge coin

    We made 800.00 yesterday pretty good day
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    Doge coin

    For a couple hundred bucks if it even comes close to what they are thinking we can all make some serious cash
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    Doge coin

    Ok we bought in at 0.06 it is up to 0.33 tonight and is expected to go to 115.00 by end of summer so let's get on this train. Remember bitcoin started at something like 0.08 per coin and today was bouncing on 63k
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    Need Positive Thoughts And Preyers Please

    You got this
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    Because Boating In Florida Fucking Rules..

    We will be in Miami next Tuesday 😎😎😎
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    4 seat speed UTV

    I know coyne motorsports will have them
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    Let's see you're lawn art

    Very cool
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    Let's see you're lawn art

    Oh and this
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    Let's see you're lawn art

    we have this
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    Did you see the one guy with the fire extinguisher spraying it before he was even close no clue what he was doing
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    Happy Wife - Happy Life - C8 Edition

    I read somewhere that corvette is going back to a front engine car
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    No Sway Weight Distribution Hitch

    Ya I missed that didn't have my glasses on