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    Well well well.

    Ya this place is brutal….
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    Survivor Season 41 thread

    41? Jeezo. Used to watch all the time but then the survival part stopped and it could all take place in a downtown condo. The show peeked when Rupert stole everyone’s shoes.
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    Cargo ships multiplying off Ca Coast

    How does one get in on the casuals labor force? Just show up?
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    Cargo ships multiplying off Ca Coast

    Someone on here brought it up before but if the Salton sea was made into a port up through Mexico it would sure solve a lot of problems. Absolutely huge undertaking but no problems that haven’t been solved elsewhere. It just contains ALL the problems.
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    Fuk management and fuk this job, I quit

    The days of takin it to the truck are long gone.
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    Fuk management and fuk this job, I quit

    My kid worked at WM for a while. He just got a class action suit check. Place is fuck sticks bottom to top. He was always working through lunch and breaks, was just how he runs. Need help? OK . They will put on you as much as you’ll take.
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    Wonder if this is Gabby?

    And posi traction!
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    FYI - CRIT reinstates ‘Safer at Home’ order

    Effin figures. I was just lookin to set my res for my oct trip and nail down dates. Faaaackk
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    Free Energy????

    That’s a Tibetan meditation path or some such bullshit. You start at one end and walk the path and it takes you to your “ center” then turns you around and spits you back out without ever crossing your own path.
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    Kitchen knives

    Japanese steel and cutlery among the best in the world. Enjoy it and respect it. I love a good knife.
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    Ok all you health nuts out there

    I’ve been almost 300, an animal 192 running 15-20 miles a week, death bed 165 in my life. Sometimes going on binge diets where I needed to do something because things were getting out of hand but never anything radical. That doesn’t work for me. You didn’t get this way overnight. You’re not...
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    Extremely vintage dirtbike for sale

    Used to have that rule too. People always wanted to ride my triumph. Scared them off with the start it you can ride it rule. Truth was if you knew what you were doing it is a 1 kick bike.
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    Extremely vintage dirtbike for sale

    I had one of these for a while. So rare if I went to the dealer for a part they would tell me there was no such thing as a F12. It was so brutal it was probably the only bike I ever rode that I was afraid of. I would not bet against it in a drag race with a cr500. Scaled in at 212 lbs. Brad...
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    Good times on the water. Post up people

    Man, I really need this now.
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    Boat seat problem....

    Straps and snaps