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    So I got a Treager... 2 months ago?

    Traegers are fine but Yodera are forever.
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    Bad boat accident at mouth of river

    You're a perfect candidate for the Tres class. I thought the same thing until I took the class. How wrong I was as others on this thread will agree.
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    Bad boat accident at mouth of river

    Don't believe them. I took it in my M35. Improved my skills 100% and I've been driving high performance boats since 1971 including 4 cats, 100mph v-drives etc..
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    remembering that first paycheck.....

    Rams Horn Car wash in Encino Calif. in the 60's. I was 15. My job was washing the inside windows. I was 6'2 and back the there were a lot of station wagons. Paid $1.35 per hour. Figure that out after taxes.
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    Tools At Coffee & Cars

    Guess I'll have to retire my Schiada jacket of face being called a "tool".
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    2021 911 Turbo Carerra

    I along with two of my friends bought 930's in 1987. I'm the only one who didn't total mine.
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    2021 911 Turbo Carerra

    Back in 1989 I ordered a new 89 Speedster in Baltic Blue and Cashmere. It was my daily driver until summer came. I wore suits then and the AC sucked. Eventually I sold it. One of my biggest car selling mistakes. Then in the 996 era I was looking for another Speedster because I thought the 996...
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    2021 911 Turbo Carerra

    I've had it for about 18 months so yes on the mark up. I traded a 2011 GT3RS and a Voodoo blue 2016 GT3RS plus cash. The first drive put a huge smile on my face and it's still there. Not driving it much though. Looking at other Porsche's. It might be departing at some point.
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    2021 911 Turbo Carerra

    Wish I was closer. I'd take you for a spin in my GT2RS. No "meh" here.
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    Smokehouse Toluca Lake, cheese bread

    Does your wife share recipes? Was a regular for lunch there. 2 orders of garlic bread, blue cheese salad and the open face prime rib sandwich with mashed potatoes. The perfect lunch! BTW, what type of bread did your wife use? Also, I wasn't kidding about sharing recipes. I'm in Co so I won't be...
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    Actress Naya Rivera Missing After Swimming In Lake Piru With 4-Year-Old Son

    Almost happened to a friend of mine. Jumped in the water with no life jacket. His wife and kids were in the boat. Wind came up, boat floated away, he was running out of gas. Nobody knew how to start or drive the boat. They tossed a life jacket which he eventually got. First thing I did next trip...
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    Killer Pulled Pork Sammies

    Unfortunately, there are many more like him in the smoking business. So much knowledge to share with us and they do. All seen like they would be great next door neighbors.
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    Killer Pulled Pork Sammies

    I slather mustard on my ribs pork ribs, beef ribs and brisket.
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    ...Bobs Big Boy Toluca Lake...

    Bob's and Tommy's lover my whole life but I live in Co. Last week I had a buddy send me a mason jar of the relish. The Bob's burger recipe in online including the stacking order of the "stuff". Results were pure Bob's.
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    Another tenderloin score at Superior Market

    About 3 months ago I bought Prime tenderloin from Creekstone farms. The first tenderloin I've ever bought. I cut it into 11 steaks. Without a doubt, the best steaks I've ever had. Where have I been all these years to not have bought these before.