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    Flooring prices question????

    I've been installing lvt for the last 15+ years. Anything that is floating is never waterproof, resistant maybe. The other side is your subfloor needs to be within 1/16" in 10' that is maximum variance. If it is not within tolerance your warranty is worth crap! If you want a good wood look...
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    The Outboard Church

    Well congrats. We will miss you guys around here.
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    New picture thread

    Out of the shadows. 🌚
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    New picture thread

    My old float. Boy I miss that boat. This is when performance boats did a write up on the dlb hookie day.
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    Thanksgiving Regatta live

    Surfrattv.com live now
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    1991 Hallett 240

    Awesome thanks
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    1991 Hallett 240

    Where did you get that cover?
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    [WTB] Hallett 210 or 240

    Maybe I'll list my 240? With the demand might be a good time to down size. 🤔 1990 454 30 over with 20 hours on rebuild.
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    22' Vaughn

    Beautiful boat! I'd trade my 240 hallett for that cruiser! GLWS
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    New to me Stoker

    I found with my 201 that 6" to 1' chop is what mine liked. Wasn't the fastest but sure was a great boat to drive. I miss that boat!
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    Race ready Stoker SST

    Pump gas or race gas?
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    [WTS] 1987 Stoker SST204

    Oh come on the DMV doesn't make mistakes as far as they tell you!!!! LOL 😂😂😂😂😂
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    [WTS] 1986 Eliminator Stoker SST 20

    So your parents owned my boat? I like it. Just went through the motor.
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    [WTS] 1986 Eliminator Stoker SST 20

    My guess it runs right around 85-87 mph depending on the load. 👍🏼
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    I know the 22.1 and 22.4 are harder to find than a T REX bone. Lol.