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    Bloody beers??

    Luchador in chino hills or tropical Mexico in Pomona make great micheladas! But if you want to make the best, here are the ingredients
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    RIP AzGeo George

    God speed George. Thank you for always being so kind to me and my family. RIP so sad right now.
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    Prayers for a board member

    George was a really great guy, helped me and our family a lot!
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    Prayers for a board member

    Did George live in Havasu and work at the Havasu Marina shop quite a few years ago with Bruce when they worked on boats?
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    My wife found a little suprise in the pool this morning.

    We recently had a bunch in our back yard, got most of them while I was home. Told the gardner to be cautious, he said the little ones are the worst, you can’t hear their rattling and they don’t know when to stop injecting the venom. He said the big ones, you can hear the rattle when he is using...
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    PGA Championship

    This was great to see, Phil was on fire! I stayed on Kiawah Island 3 weeks ago and played the ocean course (and a few others). The course was amazingly difficult with the wind, so cool to watch how they did it!!
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    Got a stupid kid? Blame the APP...

    What tennis shoes were pressing on the gas pedal?
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    Sonos speakers

    For really great information, give Lorne at Havasu Wiring a call. He did Sonos at my Havasu home inside and outside. It is really awesome
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    Wifey looking for a new bikini where’s the hot spot?

    Why else would she be there? okay, I stole that from Cheers...
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Kiawah Island, Ocean Course
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    Liars !!!!!!

    All news media!
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    Crazy accident near morongo on the 10

    The Deputy that was killed was my friend’s brother. Absolutely devastating accident and no way to avoid it. Very sad!
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    Don't Ever Take An Agorophobic Alcoholic...

    You are a good man, never know how long some folks will be with us
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    My moron neighbor.

    Go stand on his lawn