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    Free Fountain !

    If you still have it next Wednesday afternoon I’ll take it..... cant get it until then
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    Desert Storm Roll Call

    Who is going to Desert Storm next week? 1. Shintoooo + 4 2. DWC and MrsDWC 3. DLC + 3
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    You can go on and on .... bad people and mentally challenged people shouldnt have guns pass laws thats say don’t use a gun while committing a crime ..... oh and maybe killing people with guns should be outlawed that will solve all this craziness !
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    Don’t for get the semi auto matches! Arson is a bad thing...
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    That is so good people need to read it twice!
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    Do I need a surveyor?

    Wow! That’s great news, I’m shocked it’s so cheap!
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    Do I need a surveyor?

    It will be best to have your entire property pined while the crew is out just so you know. id figure about a $5,000 bill to get it done. Curious to see what it comes back at. Send me a PM after it’s done With the amount, please! I had a friend move in down the street temporarily, he was...
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    Failed smog

    Change the oil put good gas in it and drive it around work it!
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    Was there a motorcade in California today?

    We are probably throwing a welcome to Ca party for them! then off to Disneyland....
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    Getting serious: Cancer, So a year ago today

    That’s is GREAT news! With so much bad news it’s refreshing to read some really great news! keep on doing what your doing
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    Anyone coming from Vegas to Havasu tomorrow?

    Nobody rides for free gas, grass, or ass! lol
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    Ramp for dogs to get out of the water onto a dock?

    Some good reading https://www.caninebible.com/best-dog-boat-ramps/
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    RZR ice chest

    Add a heat shield underneath or a pad On top this one is from Razor back off road, it’s a dog pad / heat shield
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    I should be feeling happy about....

    Shit your just now leaving! I thought you left already and have been gone for a while! lol Have a safe trip! Don’t skimp on anything and enjoy your self! There is a whole country to see and a VERY small % of people that are F ups, don’t let that get in your way. most importantly don’t...