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    WTB commercial ice machine

    Well it's finally done. Still need to add a power junction box closer to the machine but I couldn't wait. Thanks @hallett21 for the plumber connection to get this tied in.. If anyone heading to the river needs ice stop by Mon-Friday, here till 5pm and will fill the ice chest. Off the 60...
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    Men Anne Heche has dated.

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    Roadrunner is SAVED!!!!- new owner

    Don’t count chickens before they are hatched. But fingers crossed for you Parker guys.
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    2009 Nordic Flame MCOB

    Killer boat Jared, good luck with the sale....
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    I think I need a contract lawyer

    Lawyering up gets expensive. Just went through my business attorney with earnest money on a land deal that went sideways... In the end I learned a lot but it cost me a lot. No earnest money returned and a pretty good bill from the attorney. In the end try everything you can before an...
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    Trump's house is being raided by the FBI

    Desnatis would be great, just not sure if he will run.. I didn't think Trump would run before this, but now I think he will. No doubt Newscum is running, hes going to save the dem party.....so they will say. Republican running mates is going to be a hard pick this go around..... What about a...
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    30 Liberator - Feature Boat!

    Thanks, only knew of Randy in Florida and though he did it all. Been dreaming of a 22 with a 300r for morning runs. Never been in one but seems fun and nimble like a go kart on water.
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    30 Liberator - Feature Boat!

    Great Video, finally something different. I like the 22, but thought Liberator was in Florida? Same company 2 different locations?
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    Third time for COVID. Paxlovid ?

    If you have had covid before its not that bad this go around.... It's a head cold. People who haven't had it before are getting hit pretty bad with it though....
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    Outdoor pizza oven?

    I've been wanting to get one of these.... There are different models to chose from. https://ooni.com/?utm_gcmpgn_typ=us-search-branded&gclid=Cj0KCQjwrs2XBhDjARIsAHVymmSwp_DsFeReV3xwxce1V1RGETJvShA4WHZFwJ_z1k4XrwjBzOjJsY0aAkNDEALw_wcB
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    Well I guess Im gonna have a lot more time for my projects.

    so that means you kicked the coffee table walking to the couch......
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    Pizza !

    We typically to Petrillis as well as its closer. It was a Petrillos, but didn't have the traffic they wanted, so they sold it to the guys working there... I think they didn't give it much of a chance to grow. Great pizza as its the same.
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    Looking for square u-bolts

    I have these and can square the end up. Still little long. 5/16 plated
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    Anyone else have a productive day?

    Yup, gave myself a raise with how productive I was yesterday. Guess I’ll be getting demoted today though. O’well