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    Fire in Murrieta anyone have info? La cresta area

    We are down the hill in Bear Creek, last night they said it was up to 1200 acres?
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    Food In Havasu - Dave's opinions

    Favorites Boathouse Le Vita Dolce Cha Bones College Brewery Azul Agave
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    Snooping around.. Pontoons! Lol

    Please do...
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    Snooping around.. Pontoons! Lol

    I agree... Can't wait for my new Trifecta with Twin 300’s
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    Dealership Callout

    I think it the same owners !!!
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    Adrenaline Trailers - RDP Toon Trailer upgrades

    Nice rig big fella !!!
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    CNC Motors Fraud Investigation

    Unfortunately it’s really gone south... a lot of People have lost tons of money. It’s my understanding that the DA and the DMV are involved now. It’s all over YouTube .
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    Dealership Callout

    Hatfield is also a good dealership
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    Dealership Callout

    Call me if you need help with anything...
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    Dealership Callout

    Yes that is screwed up and that Company has a reputation for doing that...
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    Dealership Callout

    As I mentioned before, most dealerships would not pull that crap!!!
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    Dealership Callout

    Not true we do not do that !!!
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    Viva San Felipe! Here we come!

    World class!!!
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    [SOLD] 2017 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Sold

    Call Jamie at Riverside Direct Auto, which's is a division of Dutton Motor Company and we sell a lot of Hellcats. 951-315-2681 https://www.riversidedirectauto.com/