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    Opening at Department of Energy

    I can't believe the cops didn't have way more information than they're letting on. My guess is this idiot / asshole didn't know there was a smart tag hidden in this bag.
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    B2 Bombers doing the elephant walk

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Tractor_AT-802 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Tractor-L3Harris_AT-802U_Sky_Warden A friend of mine has 2 ag versions (that back up his 4 ground sprayers). These things are freaking unbelievable. Empty weight 6500 lbs. Max take off weight 16,000 lbs...
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    B2 Bombers doing the elephant walk

    Hard to believe they would put that many at one airfield.... let alone being on the same runway at one time.
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    Christine McVie dead!

    100% on all points. She also wrote a LOT of their songs from what I understand.
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    2023 Porsche 911 Dakar

    Not built for profit?? MSRP = $224k. I'd say they've given themselves plenty of margin.😊
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    Russia and Ukraine

    WTF did anyone expect. How could the 'big guy's' commission stay at 10% with inflation and interest rates skyrocketing in the past year?
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    Why Do Car Dealers Suck So Bad?

    You answered your own question; They discounted it $5800 -- so they had to recover the $$ profit on the needless crap. I'd be interested to see if they'd still honour the discount on a truck you order and tell them not to add the crap to.
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    Elon threatens to develop new phone

    My money's on Elon coming out with a phone no matter what happens with Apple.
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    Watched 1st episode. Pretty good so far and it's pretty easy to see how some brutal twists in the story will probably be coming (just like Yellowstone).
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    Speed cars hit the assembly Line

    If a stop ride or an unexpected 'problem' happens - i dont understand who's going to fix them. The pre-sale direct to customer #'s seem to be around 3000 units. To me, it seems these have to be delivered before any dealers start getting supplied. Why on earth would any dealer start supporting...
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    My first day as a farmer went well

    Brahma was thinking: .... this guy hasn't seen any of the 'fuck around and find out' memes that have been everywhere lately.
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    Speed cars hit the assembly Line

    This is why established manufacturers do 1 or even 2 pre-production' runs, ie; 50 or so units then a couple of hundred units (assuming the annual production is in the thousands - like this is). This is not prototyping. It's where assembly line snags are found - and anything that may be missed in...
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    Chinese 'police stations' in U.S. - WTF?! (Jao Baiden: "Russia Russia Russia")

    Don't feel special. These police stations are in every country that takes Chinese citizens as 'foreign students' at colleges and universities. How do you think the Chinese govt would ever get these students to return home when school is done.
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    For the Real Estate Drop in sales and price Naysayers HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS

    This x2 These short term rental property #'s are staggering. And it won't take much of a slowdown to shake out those 'investors' that are currently making a profit with an occupancy rate of under 50% - when it goes to 20% ... or less.
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    For the Real Estate Drop in sales and price Naysayers HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS

    Whatever gets accepted. Start with a big % discount. You never know.