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    Ungrateful employees

    This attitude comes from a few places; 1) have you seen the benefits (salary, pension and job protection) that EVERY government and public sector employee gets. Ever hear of a government employee getting fired. 2) companies, especially larger ones have and are still screwing everyone who's not...
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    What do you do with cash now? What's safe?

    There actually IS a very clever way to distract a sniffer (cash or drug) dog. Mules moving cash or 'product' will carry a female dog that's in heat in the car with them. The bigger the pup, the better. Of course, as soon as the cops encounter this ... they know what's up.
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    Col. "Ed" Shames...Easy Company's Last Survivor, Has Past On

    The best part of his story; Ed managed to acquire a few bottles of cognac, a label indicating they were “for the Fuhrer’s use only.” Later, he would use the cognac to toast his oldest son’s Bar Mitzvah
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    Outboard Extension ???

    Some sort of sail drive ... but holy transom bracket torque batman.
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    Outboard Extension ???

    Don't know about what they've done with the OB, but the guy with the rope did a fancy job. :)
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    Michigan high school shooting

    I'm waiting to hear if there's going to be consequences for the school leadership and AND the local police dept if they had also been warned.
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    Michigan high school shooting

    Hard to believe .... but it looks like there's actually going to be consequences for being a piece of shit as a parent.
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    Michigan high school shooting

    But were they vaccinated and did they have a pcr test that was less than 72hrs old? /s
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    Seth Rogans Christmas movie.....THUD!

    Seth who?
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    Homemade Backyard 100’ Catamaran Build Video….. Pretty Cool

    Holy shit ... I saw that boat go past the house we were staying at last week in PV.
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    Someone should tell him how guns work

    I think he's stated this lie to diffuse liability for the shooting from just himself to everyone on the set. It was reported earlier that some of the crew, while on breaks, took this gun target shooting. If this is the case ... he will say that (1) I'm a dumbass with guns and (2) because I'm...
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    Michigan high school shooting

    And this is exactly why teachers, administrators need to man up and DO something about this before someone like this guy gets out of control. Often, the kid (and parents) of the kid being bullied getting pushed more than the actual assholes. I go back to what I've said here before, schools need...
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    Thank god Rachel gives her airtime.

    Holy shit .... Hillary looks like shit.
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    That Hydroxychloroquine Couple

    What-in-the-hell??? This double murder (husband/wife) in their own home has had literally everyone scratching their heads across Canada since it happened. They were a seemingly decent couple (as are their adult children) even though their net worth is estimated to be $3-5 B. Because they were...
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    Dual-Sport riders....where do you get your insurance?

    Can you get a lower price for coverage on your young guy on a smaller displacement bike? There's a big discount here for under 400cc's. Nothing wrong with a light 250/300 once you hit the trails.