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    Las Vegas Metro Officer shot during BLM Protest-Critical

    Nobody is going to do shit. The military should be there and all these fucks should be shot on sight. Peaceful protests are bullshit. Our unemployment rate could be back at 5%
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    They tried looting a gun store..... lol

    Man i miss JBB
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    180 change in Narrative WTF

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    Trump Statement

    It’s too late. Damage has been done. Just like the charges against the cop. O
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    Fullest extent of the law you POS

    Yup, saw a nice hispanic gentleman get knocked out by two really nice white guys with no hair. Again today there were 3 nice black gentlemen and a transvestite on the corner of main street starting shit and the locals escorted them out. All you have to do is stand up to these folks trying to...
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    O.C. riots...

    This won’t end well
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    Well...looting in LA has started

    Thank you for doing what you do
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    ***WARNING*** Orange County Protest Locations tonight and tomorrow

    13/90, it’s true
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    2015 Ram 2500

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    School me on dash cams

    I’ve got an Owl dash cam and love it. Our last cam blew up from heat and i believe this has an internal fan. Video is amazing as well
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    Willow valley/Golden shores

    I’m sure you’ve seen my sister and her husband around. They’re at the end of the road against blm land. Got the spiral staircase going to the upper deck out back.
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    George Floyd - Minnesota Death

    Maybe he shouldn’t have forged checks?
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    shit is going down in minnesotta......multiple vids

    Anything wrong with shooting all these 1390 protesters?
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    2015 Ram 2500

    Price drop to 30k. Dealers offering 25 but no consideration for the newer items. Immaculate inside and out.