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    The Daytona 500 winner just texted me this...

    Weird he and his wife split 4 days back. Hoping for the best
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    I made a little video of all the Liberator Cats I have ready for sale.

    Those are some beautiful boats
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    Someone change my headline please

    That looks great Joe. Get ready to lower your stress level👍🏻
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    New Boatshow Laughlin!!

    Dave, i just know most of the stuff in Laughlin is peanuts compared to what goes on in Havasu. Lastly, I’m not a big fan of Kiss and wouldn’t spend a dime to see them. That’s just my opinion.
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    How about this cheer battle ;-)

    13/90 in progress.
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    Affordable River Houses in a Gated Community! (BHC)

    I couldn’t agree more
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    New Boatshow Laughlin!!

    I think I’d rather be raking rocks than attend either of the 2 events.
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    House in Havasu for 75% of appraised value

    Come on Tom, you know You’re better off where you are. How could you give up that view and tranquility?
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    Deck Waterproofing Replacement in OC

    I’ll send u a message as well
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    Deck Waterproofing Replacement in OC

    pm sent
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    Question For The Concrete Folks.

    It’s ASR and you’re not going to fix it. It needs to come out
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    Proud dad moment

    Those texts from your kid will stick with you forever.
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    Damn Dam Run 2020

    Will do this. Launching from Cottonwood.
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    15 South

    Find another route. Wreck past Hodge Road