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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    That Chris Rock video is top shelf!!!
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    The getting old and retiring in Havasu thread.

    It’s been my dream since my first trip to the river 30 years ago to live there... Hoping to finally make it happen within the next year.
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    Giant Bloody Mary

    I love the food there, combine it with the view at the Naked turtle and I’d be as happy as Elvis at the Playboy mansion.
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    Chevy or GMC dealer recommendation

    Dutton Dave !
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    Windsor Launch Ramp Incident on Judge Judy right now

    My sincere apologies, I guess I saw it 8 or so months back when it first aired possibly. I was thinking it had been longer... I believe the owner wasn’t there, in the episode he said his daughter was driving the boat and he did not actually witness the impact.
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    Windsor Launch Ramp Incident on Judge Judy right now

    This happened a few years back at least, it was a rerun today.
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    Army Lt. traffic stop

    I was at Pomona swap meet one time, 2 Sheriffs walk up next to me on each side, one says come with us... I ask what’s up? Real serious, just come with us. Get over by their car, more Sheriffs, empty your pockets, where did you do time, got any tattoos? I stayed calm answered the questions...
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    Army Lt. traffic stop

    Thankless, nearly impossible job to make it through a day without some bullshit...
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    Army Lt. traffic stop

    Sad state of current affairs, everyone on high alert understandably. He should have just done as instructed, no visible plate and 2 minutes before pulling over? Cops have no idea who they are dealing with and want to make it home.
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    Looking for a boat...

    That Nordic is a knockout...
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    Dealership Callout

    There are good, bad and all degrees of in between, just like customers and all people. My dad’s been a used car dealer for about 60 years, super honest old school. A few of his best friends were Ford and Chevy new car dealers, they too were great guys, unfortunately now passed on. It’s harder...
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    Dealership Callout

    Not sure where you are located, I’m at Palm Springs BMW right now getting service. My advisor is Sandy Monson, she is so sharp and nice, maybe she could help?
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    Dealership Callout

    I am dealing with Dutton Dave/Dutton GMC right now on a lease end purchase and could not ask for better! They have been excellent to work with and I am planning on a cpo Escalade purchase with them very soon. Give them a try, Steve Neville the used car manager has gone out of his way to be helpful.
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    Caption this...

    Coastal marine export really hooked us up!
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    27 Speedster Interview with Veronica

    That should be a required watch for all 7th grade girls at school, in their how to become an awesome young lady class. Oh yeah, PS, how about: “MS. FLOSSY” or “TOO FLOSSY”