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    Cool house

    Wall heater in the living room is weird...
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    The site is back up but having problems. Trying

    Definitely something wonky with CF settings. A ton of the internet is protected with CloudFlare but the current RDP settings seem a bit heavy handed. I'm sure RD's guys are getting pushed hard to get this all dialed in. As for the non-tech guys saying someone is personally trying to fuck with...
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    More Cheap Off Road Radio Hacks!

    Not built in per-se but it has a port that allows you tp hook up to a rugged intercom with no special adapters or jankiness.
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    Free Energy????

    Put your boots on boys... I think you have gone too far down the rabbit hole :)
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    Cheetah 22ft deck boat

    Looks nice from the outside but feels a little utilitarian on the inside... Cool to see more small boats :)
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    The site is back up but having problems. Trying

    Seems to be good. I got a cloudflare error once this morning but it went away after a refresh..
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    What's Up With RDP?

    Absolutely. We talked about this a few years back but definitely makes sense to have cloudflare (I’m sure Joe has you pointed in the right direction) and potentially at the size you’re at to have a second host in case your primary host gets a ddos attack.
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    What's Up With RDP?

    Dave, what's on the riverdnew server?
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    What's Up With RDP?

    Looks like one of their hosts (webair) is having internet issues. Been up and down all morning but appears to be upstream from Dave's servers.
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    Apparently something wrong with me, I could only think of how far you could carry a wheelie :)
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    SpaceX first manned civilian flight

    T - 15
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    HELL NO!!! Thats a big gator😳

    Is that the clearest water in florida? Dang that water was pretty
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    My biggest pet peeves

    I think the biggest one that gets me is the group of motorcycles sitting in the fast lane that appear to be intentionally speeding up when there is a gap in the right lane and slowing down when they are passing or just taking up both lanes. They'll sit that way for MILES and we've literally...
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    “Professionals” ripping people off…

    So for those of you saying $x is outrageous or shouldn’t be allowed, how much are people allowed to make in your book? Is it a specific dollar amount or is it a percentage? 🙄 Someone puts the time, money and effort to start and run that business they should make as much as they can. If you...
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    This seems excessive

    Way way over the top. Negligent in how you drive your boat? Don’t worry, just say it’s someone else’s fault and get awarded money and you don’t have to deal with your poor decision👎