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    PPP $$$ Gone?

    Simple. Government is running the printing press on a massive scale. Handing out the money which rewards fiscal irresponsibility and penalizes fiscal responsibility. So if viable entities do not opt in, they are putting themselves in a weaker competitive position in the future. The...
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    PPP $$$ Gone?

    I'm not defending the program just adding detail
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    PPP $$$ Gone?

    Not entirely true. An employer has to have the same number of average employees 60 days after loan funding than the average number of employees they had during fy2019
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    711ci Twin Turbo Placecraft lake test

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    PPP Big Banks not geared up ?

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    Detail Specialities crushes it again!!

    Looks amazing. Shockwave rules!
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    RIP Pussy Galore

    Watch "Pussy Galore Scene (James Bond - Goldfinger) FULL HD" on YouTube
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    From Don to Crying Chuck

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    What are you listening to, right now?

    Always like this band. Talent at every level.
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    Why in the Phuck..............

    Careful guys you might ruffle Rods burka
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    So Proud...

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    Lol. Im sure the huge raises Congress gave itself will be received before the businesses that really need it will
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    PPP Big Banks not geared up ?

    Typical government program cluster F
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    So Proud...

    Good reasons to flee the usa for greener pastures. Plenty of surpurlative commie and socialist destinations for you to consider. Don't let the door hit ya too hard....