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    First OB 21 Daytona

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    What are you listening to, right now?

    Underrated band from the 80's. The lead singers got chops
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    CV19 thread ?

    What happens when they require boosters as a condition of employment. That day is almost certain....
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    The Libturds Are a Disaster!!!

    Well analyzed and well articulated.... Bravo Sir
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    CV19 thread ?

    One of my co-workers and his entire family is fully vax'd. One of my dear friends and their entire family is fully vax'd. Right now they all have Covid and about 1/2 of the 12 people are extremely sick.
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    Sitting here Thinkin... Random Thoughts & Biz (Feature Boats / Manufacturers too)

    Lol. Some.of.the top volume posters on this board could learn much from this statement.....
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    Lol, global warming

    Climate change.....lol. normal people call it weather
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    More Vax Mandates From the Commies

    Capt. Crappie Pants
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    Why are these things so expensive?

    Clean looking coach!
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    Happy Birthday Steve

    Happy birthday ole timer! Just kiddin on the ole timer part LOL
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    Sitting here Thinkin... Random Thoughts & Biz (Feature Boats / Manufacturers too)

    Awesome RD. So happy to hear about the results. Crazy world we live in right now
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    CV19 thread ?

    Given the poor leaky performance of the so called vaccines, the best course is to aggressively treat the inevitable China virus infections. And using these leaky vaccines only promotes faster and more serious virus mutations
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    CV19 thread ?

    The current c19 so called vaccines are faith based by those expecting them to provide significant protection. At best these so called vaccines are flu shots, and not very good ones. At least flu shots provide a more broad spectrum of assistance against a volume of viruses.
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    CV19 thread ?

    Ivermectin for the win!
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    Garcetti has COVID.