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    Biden Cuts Shipments of Life-Saving COVID Treatment to Florida

    hahahaha there you go again.......................making a fool and an ass out of yourself hahahahahaha Nice try clown!!! 😆
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    Simple, Yes...or No?

    US-Mexico Border Arrests Top 200,000 For Second Straight Month ...the new data show the United States is experiencing “the worst unlawful migration crisis in more than 20 years.” THU SEP 16, AT 2:10 PM "Another man's treasure" ;)
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    Simple, Yes...or No?

    Dominion and mail in ballots liked this post. 👍
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    Do you live in LA County?

    The wife was in Stator Bros. yesterday (L.A. County) no mask. Some big vaggot comes up to her and starts dropping F bombs. The wife tells him to F off and they both go back and forth with the vaggot eventually walking off. Stator employee was watching and tells my wife he had her back if that...
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    How long before people realize the government(s) are killing us with the vaccine?

    President George H. W. Bush was one of the 178 heads of government who signed the final text of the agreement at the Earth Summit in 1992 Rot in hell you POS
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    Shame Them Says the Fairy

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    Uh Oh, Nicki Minaj Enters the Chat

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    Shame Them Says the Fairy

    That’ll work Don and we’ll shame you for sucking dick and then putting it in your ass, you phucking demented vaggot!!! Fair is fair. 👍
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    Somebody Apparently Found Durham

    "Russiagate In A Nutshell": Glenn Greenwald Breaks Down Significance Of Expected Indictment Against Hillary Clinton Lawyer "The scam that Trump was using a secret server to communicate with a Russian bank was promoted by Hillary herself..." THU SEP 16, AT 7:48 AM Too little too late you Deep...
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    Uh Oh, Nicki Minaj Enters the Chat

    Nikki has 23 million on Twatter, but 150 million on IG. She is going nuclear on these motherf*ckers and speaking truth. Regardless of what you think of her, this is a good thing.
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    I've got a simple question.......

    Because he protects pedophiles Not protect pedophiles. You're welcome.
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    Do you live in LA County?

    Fucking vaggots................ 😝