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    RBG Has Died.

    Chucky Cheese Shummer will be screaming that Trump can't nominate another judge 'till after the election.
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    RBG Has Died.

    Yes. Liberal heads will be exploding!!!!!!
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    Thinking about password protecting this forum..

    Password protecting the gun side gets a green light from me. I also would post more if I knew it was hidden from public view
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    The word torture was invented for this show

    That right there is a sig worthy quote. LOL "I’d rather get a catheter inserted than watch those two dizzy bitches"
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    Halloween Already?

    I thought this thread was going to be a new picture of Kameldump Harris, post face-lift surgery. She was hideous looking before and the procdure only made it worse..
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    Grimaldis Pizza Scottsdale

    I always go descreet. What they can't see, they can't complain about. I figure those signs are to discourage people from bringing their AR out to dinner. Besides, the generic guns I see on the signs are 1911's. I carry a G43.
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    UPS AND DOWNS poster

    I just checked the online store & it shows "Out Of Stock". I'd like to place an order, are you getting more in? (Ups & Downs)
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    Finally a resolution that makes sense

    It totally makes sense and I'm glad my US Representative, Andy Biggs is a co-sponsor.
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    Would you Like a Side of Glitter with that Burger?!

    Texas knows how to get entertaiment right!
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    Meanwhile in Portland

    That's not going to end well for the protesters.
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    Who can tell me

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    Damn you know your bored when

    I've read a lot of theories about that, the general thought is, rotate full mags every couple of months, or download the mags a couple of rounds (to not keep the springs under max, constant tension).
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    RECALL Kate Brown!!

    What a coincidence and they are both butt-ugly to boot! No offence taken, I've got friends that left CA some time ago and moved to Oregon, I'm just sorry to see that they left one cess-pool for another.....
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    RECALL Kate Brown!!

    Is Kate Brown related to Jerry Brown? She is the youngest of four children of former California Governor Pat Brown (1959–1967) and is the youngest sister of twice-California Governor Jerry Brown (1975–1983, 2011–2019). Brown is an attorney-politician, and was elected to the Los Angeles City...