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    Dixxon flannels

    And not American made
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    1974 21’ Eliminator

    Yes notched stringers. New but just as it came new. Not from eliminator mold. From Taylor mold.
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    1974 21’ Eliminator

    It is set back a bit.
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    Chili cook off names

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    Chili cook off names

    Thanks. And yes I am the team. Competing solo. Some good options. The competition is for my kids little league family fun day. Someone’s name is run home chili. Hope that was a typo.
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    Chili cook off names

    Since you guys are so good at naming boats and dogs I need a good chili cook off team name.
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    1974 21’ Eliminator

    Here’s a few more. A couple of it before it went to poncho for gel coat. He did a great job matching original. My dad had it built by pro stock boats I believe out of Downey or paramount. They used a Taylor mold. Used original 460 that was in it and Barry from obnoxious built it to a 546. Dynoed...
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    Where am I??

    Don’t shit on the party.
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    so covid is over but lets talk about the flu

    My seven year old boy just got over it. Missed school Monday through Thursday . Went to Temecula with cousins over spring break. Cousin had something. He came home with it and puked for two days straight. Couldn’t keep food down. Doctor said stomach flu. He’s finally back to normal.
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    Passenger tires on trailer?

    I run cooper cobras. All good so far and look good.
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    Vintage aluminum

    Trying to pick this up off a neighbor where I’m working. Maybe a cool Parker cruiser when not hot and crowded.
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    good morning and happy Friday inmates

    Good morning. Happy Friday.
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    Not letting it go.. one more thread

    Can’t wait to order that shirt.
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    Audio books.

    Looking for suggestions for phone app to listen to books. What are you using if any? Thanks. Mainly a music guy but do spend some time driving for work. Thanks
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    Loooking for ford 460 longblock.

    Older family member has boat in shop in harass to look at motor. Apparently its blown . Original from 75. The shop owner told him to try and find a longblock 460. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks zach.