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    Disneyland tickets...yeap i did it

    Any idea when the APs will get their refunds?
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    Last minute ride to Parker accepted..... Good idea/ Bad idea

    Who's running the Echo Lodge Bar now?
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    The Joint Tonight.

    What a surprise to hang out. Good meeting you.
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    The Joint Tonight.

    I talked to them again Saturday. They are now keeping the General store location and expanding to another building down the street for busy days. They told me their biggest issue is hiring help. It's what decides if they open or not.
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    Who’s Been Up All Night?

    She got a few hours sleep first then sleep it off at work before coming home or call me.
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    LMAO, Cops in Bullhead.....

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    Who’s Been Up All Night?

    Wife worked 18 hr shift then they begged her to double back - so home alone. Watching Twilight Zone marathons on SyFi channel. Who’s been up all night?
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    Harbor Freights new Line of Generators:

    Good description. In our case one leg hots up half the panel, the other leg hots up the other half. Runs the house with ease.
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    Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff dies in prison at 82

    Everyone lost in this scheme except her. All greed motivated by all involved.
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    Need Positive Thoughts And Preyers Please

    It's better than ever these days. It'll heal up and work well.
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    Do you have an exit plan?

    Over 50% end in failure. Pre-nups are risk management.
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    Do you have an exit plan?

    In a divorce you see a side of that woman you had no clue existed. When my second wife's boss retired and left her 12% of his AMGEN stock worth well into 7 figures, plus her own ample bennys she turned on a dime. Felt she was missing something in life and bailed out, retired at 29. She...
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    Do you have an exit plan?

    No, not at all. It's the only way we could protect my and her future and she knew that. That's how compassionate she is. Straight away relieved that pressure from the marriage. Dudes like you that think with their dicks have no perception of the consequences of not thinking ahead. She's twice...
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    Do you have an exit plan?

    I lost 2 homes in Divorces. Ain't going to get bit by that dog again and loose this one if things go south. The wife understood that and insisted we pre-nup so that dark cloud isn't hanging over my head. Not protecting her but protecting me. Every marriage has it's pressures but never bring...
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    Covid vaccine personal info