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    Post your Trump parade pics here

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    Post your Trump parade pics here

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    BobbyV or anyone else in Town - Single RV garage size question

    Come check mine out it 15 wide with 12 wide door
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    Canopies - Swag

    Sorry nope Vic's boat w/ changed color and graphics
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    Saturday Night BBQ

    Good times. Thank you
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    We have to BEAT Florida GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER

    I'm going early and getting off by 2
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    Channel to remain closed thru memorial

    Pirates was fun last weekend and I did notice fewer trashcans that were completely full.
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    Riviera lake havasu

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    [WTB] Big Block Chevy

    Pm me details
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    Riviera lake havasu

    Do you have a builder? If not I got a good one
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    Riviera lake havasu

    Yes I looked at the Arroyo's I liked lot 7 but wasn't ready to pull the trigger. Now sold. They have a new phase but I want more room from neighbors. I'm very loud sometimes 😁
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    Riviera lake havasu

    So does Wendi. But I need a double RV garage
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    Riviera lake havasu

    I know. There's 2 lots we like. I want Jimmy to be my builder. I trust him to give me a turn key with pool build and 30x80 rv garage. My house is going up for sale this week 😬
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    Riviera lake havasu

    Yes it sucks you can't use your own builder in the Foothills. I'm looking at a couple of lots but I want my builder. I think the Riviera you can use your builder. I'm not 💯 . Stacy is going to take us down to the Riviera for a look.