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    Havasu dinner tonight???

    😄 Cursed in what way?
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    I need help, poo eater

    Sounds like a money saving dog🙂
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    Any ideas to keep cats away?

    Cat repellants. Electronic/sonic and granular/liquid types.
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    Masters Week.

    Good for Hideki, he's a great player. Very deserving to tough it out.
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    Masters Week.

    First triple in a major. His ballon defated with that barely fat 8 iron on 16 and then let his adrenaline blow his 3rd over the back😟. Bummer, I was hoping for more of a bail biter going up 18
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    Masters Week.

    Health care workers and certain vaccinated folks(maybe members?)
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    Hey coffee snobs...

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    Masters Week.

    Seen that. It's cool he takes it stride like that.
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    Masters Week.

    He definitely has some resemblance but not a true fact.
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    Masters Week.

    Would be cool to see a skinny young kid that doesn't fit the body profile of many other pros put on a green jacket. As much as I like seeing great golf shots, seeing an epic collapse is just as entertaining and certainly very humbling. The mental aspect if this game is something very few...
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    Lake Havasu Boat Show COVERAGE!

    You got your $8 worth from Daves ice chest, don't be such a whiner.😁 I agree the show wasn't what the usual premadonna kustom boaters are accustomed to but nevertheless there was a show and a fun few hours of socializing. I even drove the SxS there and didn't dust out the whole place like...
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    should I be politically correct or not??

    On a personal level.....put the fuker in 4 wheel low and hammer it. . On a business level......shift to neutral and let it idle.
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    Good morning Sunday Honey 🍯

    Guten Morgen Insassen!
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    Looking for a friend to drive pontoon on 4/10.

    Will you be sharing so we can help with the celebration?
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    Another fish tank

    These medical advancements will 100% change treatments in our future lives....but not everyone will buy into first year model cars.😉 I've gotten my pfizer tracking devices implant too. 😁😊