1. T

    Stainless marine exhaust manifold and pipes for sale

    Set of Stainless Marine BB exhaust manifolds with jacketed risers, hardware and gaskets. No patches, leaks or damage.
  2. A

    Lightning Water Jacketed Headers - BBC

    New, never used. Went with a turbo motor and now do not need. Beautiful. $1250 - Located in Newport Beach CA
  3. T

    [WTS] SBC Stainless Turbo Headers

    New/unused Lee Performance Products stainless turbo headers with wastegates. Headers are water cooled and made for Garret T4 tangential turbine housings. Wastegates have 1.5" diameter valve. . $7,000 Also available are Lee Performance Products small block Brodix aluminum cylinder heads with...
  4. wettrthebettr

    4" Through Hull Tail Pipes wanted

    Looking for 4" Through Hull Tail Pipes or I could trade my 3" Through hull tail pipes for a set of 4" Call 530-575-5025 or pm me, thanks
  5. P

    Corsa Captions Choice exhaust (NIB)

    Bought this for a boat project that I am no longer going to use for a 4" exhaust should fit most boats is a complete system never been used never been installed list price is around $1400 will take $500 plus shipping, all new never been used