jet boat

  1. A

    1980 Avenger Time Capsule Jet Boat

    Dan Durhams last Avenger jet race boat #225. The installation was done at Alpha Marine and has some really cool features, gearbox sprintcar style steering, 3 pedal set up with cavitation plates and setback pump. The installation is chrome plated and in amazing shape. This boat is a true time...
  2. M

    [WTS] 97 Ultra 21’ open-bow Jet

    1997 Ultra 21’ open-bow Jet Complete drivetrain overhaul by Jet Boat Performance in 2020. Built 496 cuin. BBC by JBP, approx. 650 HP. (MkIV 454, stroked) Alum ProMAXX heads, marine MSD system, Thunder EMI headers. Engine Rail mounted & installed by JBP. Setback Dominator Pump w/ Hyd Place...
  3. marley

    WTB Hallett Bubble Deck

    I’m looking for a Hallett bubble deck.….maybe someone is getting ready to sell their jet boat soon. Does anyone know where this Hallett went? I should have bought it years ago when I had the chance.
  4. C

    19' Peterson Placecraft tunnel hull Jet Boat for sale $25,000

    For sale 19-foot Peterson Placecraft Jet Boat and trailer (no motor or jet drive) Specs: hull is completely capped and finished in brilliant silver, orange and blue metalflake gel coat. The bare hull weighs 420lbs. It has beautiful flow-coated floors, lightweight bulkheads and balsa wood...
  5. Ultraboats1

    New 23 Ultra Shadow Deck Born Today!

    This is a repeat customer going with a 512HP 454LSX from Kim's Equip. Perfect turn key River Boat. New to the 23 is a full Fiberglass Textured Floor liner. And he is going with Sea Deck Flooring. Assembly next week and then we will begin Rigging. Looking for a November Splash Next up is...
  6. socalcoal19

    [WTB] Looking for a 21’ open bow jet boat

    Looking for a 21’ shockwave or an ultra gotta be jet show me whatcha got !
  7. jasonk8200

    Electronic Fuel Pump help - Running continously

    I recently acquired a 1991 Fibercell jet boat with a crate 502 in it. When I turn the key to the on position the fuel pump starts running continuously. The fuel pump is wired directly to the power distribution strip near the starter. What is causing this? If Im correct the pump should only run...
  8. S


    ...LOOKING TO BUY... Looking for a clean 21+ ft. Jet boat. OPEN BOW. Willing to spend 20k for the right boat. CALL or TEXT me at (909)224-2188
  9. A

    Anyone know anything about antique arms jetboats?

    So I have been looking for a Hallett bubble deck to drop in an engine i have i came across a guy at my storage said he has a bubble deck but dose not know the make I walked over to his spot and took a look at it . its a 18ft bubbledeck with Berkley drive and 460bbf there is no mfg tag I looked...
  10. wettrthebettr

    [SOLD] Chevy Heads And Exhaust Snail Risers

    More extra parts from my Campbell, LOL 1) SOLD Exhaust Snail Riser, 454 Jet Boat or Many inboards, fits Nicson and many other Log Style Exhaust Manifolds 2-1/2" Inlet, 3" Outlet, 4 Bolt Mount, will fit 3" inlets just like the Nicson they came off of. $90.00, Call 530 575 5025 2) SOLD Small...
  11. wettrthebettr

    4" Through Hull Tail Pipes wanted

    Looking for 4" Through Hull Tail Pipes or I could trade my 3" Through hull tail pipes for a set of 4" Call 530-575-5025 or pm me, thanks
  12. wettrthebettr


    The Logs Are Gone This BBC Nicson exhaust came in my Campbell as extra parts when I bought it, it is set up for a jet boat, I have seen this in river cruisers, but I don't need them. The Snails are in great shape, if some one did not want to deal with the Manifolds I would just sell the Snails...
  13. D

    Looking for a jet boat

    Looking for a open bow jet boat for the family. Looking to spend $15k or less. Any thoughts?
  14. bryzmon

    Carrera Open Bow Jet for Sale

    1987 Carrera Open Bow SOLD-454bbc w/ about 400 hours, runs good, turn key -New alternator, fuel pump, fuel lines and sending unit in 2014 -Rebuilt Jet Pump by R&D Marine 2015 (Berkeley 12JG) -Regular oil changes / maintenance done -Interior ok, needs carpet soon, newer Bimini, tow cover...