1. K

    Prop Selection / Slip / Motor Longevity

    Hey all! I've been staring at propeller numbers for a while now and thought I'd see if I can get some input from some more experienced minds here. I've recently bought my first boat, a 1993 Baja Islander 240 with a stock Merc 7.4L (non Mag, about 650 hours) and Bravo 1 Outdrive. I've only had...
  2. Kachina26

    [SOLD] Labbed Bravo Mercury I 26P prop

    Bought brand new, labbed by Gibbs to a 27 pitch. Really couldn't swing it in the summer, so it was mostly used in the winter. Anyway, the boat is gone. No need for an extra prop. It has the Havasu haze on it. Otherwise, in good shape. $450
  3. GetNautical

    PROPS for SALE - Bravo I & Vensura

    Two Props for Sale: Bravo I - 21P - $350.00 Mercury Marine Vensura - 19 P - $300.00 Excellent Condition
  4. R

    Two Stainless Steel Props For Sale

    I bought some props to figure out which one worked best on my boat. I now have two stainless steel props that didn't work well on my boat so they are up for sale. Apollo XHS 14 1/8th X 19P. No dings or dents. $200 Quicksilver Laser II 21P $225 Both are stainless steel and in great...