1. Keeping The Tradition Alive... 2019 DCB Regatta

    Keeping The Tradition Alive... 2019 DCB Regatta

    Over the years Lake Havasu City has been host to many a manufacturers regatta. From the early days the regatta has been an institution for both owners and fans of the many builders that have come and gone in the west coast boating scene. In their hay day regattas pulled in huge numbers of both...
  2. krswes

    The 2019 DCB Regatta, Lake Havasu.

    Check out the video for the 2019 DCB Regatta. Shot and edited by KKJ Media. Link to video....
  3. B

    Desert Storm Lake Havasu Vacation Rental on the lake

    Desert Storm Vacation Rental at the Nautical Resort I am renting out my timeshare at the Nautical Beachfront Resort, as I am unable to use it this year. Desert Storm is the busiest event weekend of the year and one that should not be missed. All waterfront hotels are sold out, so this won't...
  4. FastLoudPhoto

    2018 Weekend Paradise

    Made a recap video of the New Years Day V-Drive Regatta at Weekend Paradise on Lake Elsinore. Lots of badass boats and cool peeps. Already looking forward to next year.
  5. K

    Billy B's 2017 Pirates Cove Boat Show

    I posted this in the regular forum and it vanished. I wanted to be sure people actually got to enjoy it...