If you haven't been to the LOTO Shootout, theres something you should know. The action never stops. Its constant. From day-to-night, every day from the time you arrive its a constant schedule of parities, street shows, bar hopping, races, poker runs, fun-run's, boating, and more parties. If you think you're going to get enough sleep, or if you think you're "not going to drink too much while you're here", you're probably wrong. It sucks you in. Thats because for 32 years now, its been the biggest boating event in the country, and I'm happy to report that its still going strong.


In fact, its been going so strong, that I've had a hard time keeping up with it. I had intended to bring you an update a day, but it ended up not being possible. From running around in cars to boats, and back to cars, its a constant grind to keep up with everything that happens around the lake. I've done my best to get the shots, but I failed to get them uploaded here every day.

However, with the shootout being rained out today, it gave me an opportunity to get out the memory cards and process my work. As I look through the shots, its hard to believe all of the things that have taken place over the last few days. For example, just yesterday was the Poker Run but for me it seems like a week ago. There were some amazing boats running down the lake, some familiar, and some not. I nearly missed it trying to get to my location to shoot from, but I did manage to get a few nice shots.



Later in the day I found myself at Captain Ron's having out on the docks as boats rolled in. I am traveling this week as a guest of the new Black Thunder Offshore crew (more on that later), so my schedule is mostly tied to theirs. However, as we sat on the docks showing their brand new 46' Raised Deck model, it became a great place to take in the show.


As you may have seen, the shootout was rained out today, early on. We had the boats anchored at the end of the course, and were able to catch the few passes that were made but a strong storm cell moved in quickly, complete with thunder and lighting, so we thought it best to get the boats off the water. However, I was still able to catch a few shots of the small number of boats that got passes in, including American Ethanol who cocked a speed of 202mph on their first and only pass for the day. Let me tell you, its a whole different experience watching that beast moving that fast in person vs. watching it on a live stream.


But hey, we take what we can get, right? Today, maybe have been a bust for the shootout. But its also the reason I can get this story to you today. Hope you enjoyed it. Keep an eye on our facebook page for more updates and pics.