Story and photos by DinaRella / Professional images from Deep Impact and Gilberts

Did you know the Deep Impact 2024 model 399 Sport unveiled at the South Florida spring shows was hailed as its new “statement piece?” I didn’t, but I should have, judging from its premium edition paint job and catchy custom green hardtop screaming out over docks of endless white watercrafts. Seeing it up close, left us even more impressed!

Deep Impact Custom Boats has increasingly been on the up and up, pushing the envelope with fit and finish – putting the “custom” part of its name front and center. In talking with Plantation Boat Mart owner and exclusive worldwide Deep Impact dealer Dennis De La Torre, and walking through the boat with sales associate Mauricio “Moe” Urbina, RDP uncovered those “Did You Knows” making the model so top notch.

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Transom Grand Slam

Hitting a grand slam, helped along by the masterminds behind the righteous Mercury Racing 500R, the 39-footer nails it performance-wise with a whopping 2,000 horsepower by way of four color-matched black and bright green striped outboards singing in harmony to the tune of 90 mph with throttles buried. The top of the line “statement piece” hovers around $1.2 million, but base price out of the gate is $800,000.

In terms of functionality, the transom also nails it. A handy touch we liked which is not often seen from the competition is the conveniently positioned fender storage locker which doubles as a garage to toss in the water toys. What’s more, next to the magnetized port-side entry door is a wash-down hose with 58 gallons of fresh water for rinsing off when the wading is over. Speaking of seconds, there’s a recessed rain shower built into the hardtop, and an additional inward-opening hull side door that clips into place for inserting a ladder or lifting that big catch onboard. Yes, fishability and luxury co-exist on the 399 Sport.

Customizable by many means, buyers can stylize the boat to suit their on-the-water habits. Case in point, underneath the middle rear seat is a cleverly concealed cooler with chiller plate which can be replaced by a livewell for those wishing to fish it. And on the side gunnels above the extra-large, backlit glowing mesh pockets, refreshments and reels can both go in the cup-slash-rod holders.

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Back to the Future

The back-sloping windshield and hardtop holler of aerodynamic undertones, but the build serves a greater purpose than just back to the future visuals: it reduces drag and increases efficiency. “The design keeps the downward pressure on the back area over the top which plays into its performance by redirecting the force lower, in opposition to grabbing it the way traditional over-sized T-tops tend to,” explained the engineering team. And, did you know the flared edges on the plexiglass actually push the wind out on an angle protecting both the cockpit and aft of the craft?

Ingenuity continues if you look up. Tinted windows cut out into the expansive overhead canopy let light in for all six passengers under the dual-row console. Secondly, by placing the full switching station overhead, the captain has a clearer view of the panel. Under the cockpit is also one of the coolest spots to be. Air conditioning flows freely, much the same as the day’s natural light from the panels above.

More coolness blows in the air-conditioned cabin which includes a concealed head, sink and forward V berth that sleeps three. Guests who fancy riding up front will enjoy the new bow Garmin screen, killer sounds from the multiple JL Audio speakers, and kicking back on the deluxe sun loungers, contoured for ultimate comfort but also to keep you safe when running at high speeds.

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499 Sport Set for FLIBS

Designing boats for three decades dating back to the simple sportfish models, Deep Impact is a true pioneer in the center console industry. In 2014, Mark and Eileen Fischer, owners of, purchased the Opa-locka-based company along with Blackwater Boats. Their fervor for redefining the brand and commitment to enhancing its performance has led them to launch Deep Impact’s biggest luxury center console to date – the 499 Sport.

News dropped in 2022 about adding big brother to the lineup which features, the 369 Sport, 399 Sport and 399 Cabin, and just recently, the first photos of the 499 out of the mold were released. We know is has a 13’ beam, holds 925 gallons of fuel and keeps its proven step bottom. We’ll learn the rest in five months at its FLIBS unveiling. Until then, in between manning boat show booths from Palm Beach to Miami, the Deep Impact team also makes time for the Florida fun runs. This year none will be as special as the first-ever Deep Impact Owners Run. Presented by Plantation Boat Mart under the direction of the Florida Powerboat Club, the event is set for July 29 to Aug 4 and heads from Miami to Nassau.

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