Story and photos by DinaRella / Additional photos and drone shots courtesy of Borden Light Marina

Bedecked with tropical palm trees and swinging rope seats rocking you right to the bar top; blissful sunset vistas from the second level surrounded by thunderous speedboats; the feel of floating on water (because you are, it’s a barge) while you down your Deep Eddys; and live bands as badazz as those at Sloppy Joe’s… you name it, the Tipsy Seagull tiki bar boasts that Key West-esque appeal.

The laid-back vibe may echo Florida, but its Fall River coordinates in Massachusetts speak loud and clear with Battleship Cove positioned directly across the Braga Bridge. Home to the world's largest collection of World War II naval vessels, its main attention-drawing attraction is the highly decorated battleship USS Massachusetts (BB 59). Nevertheless, for two sunny summer days, the larger-than-life battleships shared the seas and spotlight with another fleet when the louder-than-life battlewagons came to town for the Borden Light Marina (BLM) traditional charity poker run and a bit of ad-lib Outerlimits fun.

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Lively, loud and loaded with potent eye-candy pony power is how I found the Tipsy Seagull when my dad and I rolled in on Friday just 24 hours prior to the 16th Annual Borden Light Marina Charity Poker Run. Around the same time, soaring rooster tail trails sprayed the Taunton River as a rush of Outerlimits Powerboats came pouring in from their raucous pre-game gallivanting across Narragansett Bay.

Head turners in the line-up had to be Jason Bourne (yup that’s his real name) and his family on the famed 180.470-mph canopied kilo run record holder SV-43; and Max, the first all-carbon SC 39 born in 2015 and boasting 1,100 engines under the hatch. The 39-foot gleaming green-hued pleasure cat was recently acquired by Massachusetts powerboater Buddy Thomas.

Adding to the entertaining aural and optical aura of the Outerlimits influx, giving the hometown brand some competition... vessels varying in size and stature from a cool little Pantera to a leviathan Viking were also vying for dock space, to see and be seen. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the landing, poker runners were arriving for the VIP welcome party presented at the exquisite Pier 52 at the water’s edge of the marina, hence howling horsepower could be heard reverberating from multiple manufacturers including the Cigarette Bordah-Line Krazy, Formula Legal Tender, 42' Fountain Blown Investment, and Sutphen Let's Scream, s

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The next day, it was all throttles forward for the BLM Charity Poker Run celebrating its 16th year. Heavily attended by the Rhode Island and Massachusetts V-bottom nautical set, a handful of catamarans as well as outboard-propelled powerhouses came out to play. After four stops at the East Providence Yacht Club, Harbor Lights Marina in Warwick, West Wind Marina in Newport, and Thames Street Public Dock in Bristol, the entourage returned to the Tipsy Seagull for the awards festivities.

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Hosted by Michael and Nicole Lund with support from a multitude of generous sponsorships, the successful charity event topped last year's $43,000 tally by collecting over $53,000 to be dispersed to the Make-A-Wish and Tunnel to Towers Foundation. I had the fortunate honor to speak with retired Brooklyn fireman Steve Casquarelli from Engine Company 225, who volunteers his time as an ambassador attending events across the nation accepting the Tunnel to Towers donations.

As a first responder himself from one of the darkest days in our country's history, Casquarelli shares with me, how on the morning of 9/11, he was preparing for the day when he got his orders and jumped right in. He would then go on to work as a specialist for the fire chief in a field communications unit focusing on logistics.

Learning the history of Tunnel to Towers, the Long Island resident tells me, "The foundation was started in 2002 by CEO Frank Siller. He was the oldest brother to Stephen Siller, the fallen fireman who ran through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel connecting the borough to South Manhattan when the South Tower suddenly came down killing him. Each year, on the last Sunday of September, a 5K run through the tunnel pays homage to Stephen, the 343 FDNY firefighters, and all others who lost their lives.”

The foundation which continues to grow exponentially provides financial assistance to families of first-responders and veterans; wonderful examples of aid include mortgage-free homes to Gold Star and fallen first responder families and custom-designed smart homes specially fabricated for those catastrophically injured in the line of duty. Remarkably, on average 95 percent of proceeds go directly to the programs and services.

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27 Tunnel to Towers ambassador Steve and Ralph Paolella.JPG

Hopefully the BLM and the Tipsy Seagull increased the Tunnel to Towers exposure among the boating community, and moving forward, other poker run events will include it in their selection of chosen charities.

As for the “Tipsy Seagull” I found the bird getting off No Discipline – apparently the clever creature has a thing for Outerlimits!

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