Story and select photos by DinaRella / Professional images by Forza X1 and LivingFLA

“Providing customers with boating memories of a lifetime at an affordable price, beginning with designing exciting and relevant nautical innovations, and ending with unsurpassed quality in manufacturing,” has always been the mission of Twin Vee PowerCats, established more than three decades back on Florida's Treasure Coast. Today Forza X1, a spinoff of the popular pleasure and commercial catamaran boat builder, has given new meaning to that mantra — charging forward inspiring the adoption of sustainable recreational boating with its new benchmark F-22 Electrified Center Console.

The exclusive premiere of the battery-operated outboard-F-22 — available in center console and dual console — took place Saturday the 8th of July, starting with sea trials (sadly, a South Florida summertime storm canceled mine) departing from Palm Harbor Marina, succeeded by an evening of enlightenment into the multi-year process developing and constructing the hull, motor, propulsion and marine battery system via interactive technology experiences and an engaging video presentation at the beautiful Ben Autograph Collection Hotel.

Opening remarks by the enthusiastic, quite frankly comical, Executive Chairman and Chief of Product Development Joseph Visconti, provided insight documenting the journey, "We learned evolution with technology does not follow a straight line, and what started as a multi-hull ended as the Vee-bottom. Bearing in mind, 85 percent of engines built and sold today are outboards, our vision to design an electric motor of this type was also clear.” Visconti continues with, “Aware that no mother is going to take her children offshore on a boat she does not feel protected on, as marine boat builders, our first priority was safety. Secondly, was following the roadmap of Elon Musk 'needing to look, feel, sound and act like an electric boat.'”

Next, CEO and President, Jim Leffew, took the stage elaborating on productivity and Forza's fact-finding trip to Amsterdam noting, "Considering the canals of the Netherlands are phasing out internal combustion engines... our initial theory or assumption was Europe would be more advanced with respect to the marine electrification of recreational watercrafts. Finding out just the opposite and learning we were on the right track in the electric boating game, the team returned home increasingly confident."

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The F-22

With a sales price of $120,000, a single piece acrylic windshield, Garmin touch screen, digital throttle, and JL Audio system, the company press release explains, “The boat is constructed using strong, top-quality composites, resins and carbon fiber on a stringer system to support the batteries creating the proper center of gravity. Construction finishes include gelcoat, no-skid, Grip-Tech flooring, molded fiberglass hatches for the bilge and all stowage including the insulated bow, anchor and underdeck floor storage.”

Geared toward family fun, the 22-footer features a 16-inch draft and transom ladder making it ideal for sandbar stops after waterway restaurant hops. Capable of pulling a skier or wake boarder also means, don't forget to bring the watersports toys. The 26-gallon livewell, 36-quart molded console cooler, rod holders, and rocket launcher on the T-top showcase the F-22's equal appeal for recreational fishing runs. What's more, not only is tranquility paired with uncompromised efficiency when gliding toward the horizon... the noiseless technological advancements almost guarantee a surge in fresh catches, since they can’t hear you coming.

All Charged Up Marine Electrification

Developed with Cascadia Motion, the miniaturized architecture of the IM 225 module operates vertically (as opposed to the customary horizontal position) whereby utilizing a compact inverter to convert AC to DC power between the batteries and motor. For this reason, Forza X1 is able to stack the motors, creating a single stack 180-hp version running on two batteries and a 300-hp double stack using four batteries. A program devised with American Battery Solutions tied to a phone app battery management system provides telematic monitoring. Available on iOS or Android platforms, the app allows owners to remotely monitor charging and vital diagnostics.

On a full charge, expect 70 miles of cruising for 4 to 5 hours at 25 mph from the 104kWh battery pack located under the center deck seat. Those in need of more speed will smile during periodic blasts up to 40 mph. Finally, there is a ten-hour requirement for a complete recharge at 120V, which can be further reduced with a higher voltage.

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A Future as Bright as the Night

The Forza F-22 needs to be seen and "NOT" heard to believe. Leffew, says the company wanted "to make day-boating peaceful, simple and fun.” Without a doubt, that's exactly what Forza X1 has done! Already successful in securing $25 million in capital thanks to ThinkEquity, and publicly traded on the Nasdaq (FRZA) — the future looks bright for Forza X1. Moreover, one of the largest recreational boat retailers, OneWater Marine, committed to purchase one hundred boats, bumping up revenue by over $12 million. Currently, a new 50,000-square-foot headquarters is under construction in Marion, North Carolina. Once complete, a projected 600 units will be built per year.

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Fortunately, the evening at the Ben ended as brightly as Forza's future, once the rains subsided. For the 200-plus guests including boating media and financers, festivities that commenced with lime-green welcome cocktails coordinated to the electrifying indoor display aglow in green LEDs, concluded with a champagne-stocked, open-bar and spread of delicacies including freshly prepared lobster mac and cheese, following the product launch. Later, those looking to continue celebrating moved outside to Spruzzo. The trendy rooftop lounge, highly rated for its attention to detail and always-smiling staff, did not disappoint from its phenomenal décor to friendly, personalized service from Andre Lawrence and relaxing soulful sounds by resident DJ Kristian Caro.