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  • Hi my name is Marcelo my cousin is Marcelo Kondratuk he ask you for rent your house for me in Cap Corel. he told me is $850 a week, but I told him the days will be June 29 to July 9 so let me know if the house is available and I want to pay something for a reservation let me know, if you want to text me my phone is 7046215142.
    Thank you.
    Just became a member of River Dave's Place signed in and everything. Once again thank you for the great weekend. Pretty cool website. Say Hi to Patty and the kids (dogs) Bubba was a great ride. Loved the river. Got a eye test at 3pm and take the bike out for a ride, its like 8 C degrees which is 50 F degrees nothing like the 100 degrees i just left. Plane ride was alright but man i get cramped after 4 hours FUCK That, got off the plane, Anita had a big fattie for me, smoked that, came home and the dog went crazy i mean CRAZY she even pissed on the floor, smoked another two, was blown away (Hydro is the best!) and went to bed. Thats it for now, talk to you later Grasser Pete Alias River Lover
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