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    Happy Birthday Singleton

    Have a great day! (Yesterday, go back to the same shit today) 😂 Seriously, hope you had a good Birthday!
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    Wonder if this is Gabby?

    WTF? :oops: I read yesterday that the 911 call that reported the abuse said they saw him, slap and shove her. Now, I'm not saying women can't be abusive... 😏 I'll straight shank you if I have to, however in this case, I truly feel he manipulated her and made it seem like she was the nut job...
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    Back Pain

    anti-inflammatories, yoga, and Jesus. (maybe not Jesus, but it sounds good.) you probably pulled something and now its in spasm mode. Rest and gentle stretches. When it flares up its pretty bad, like cannot walk bad, but laying flat, and taking Advil usually does the trick. I love Flexural, but...
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    When your dog crosses the line - bad dog edition

    completely innocent. I'm his alibi.
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    Fire headed to Tahoe

    Tahoe Traffic Cam Link to the Tahoe Traffic cam US 50 at Ski Run Everyone is leaving, which is good, I guess 89 is closed?
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    Shipwrecked, pretty cool story.

    Great video, they are lucky the yacht was there!
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    This kid can use some cheer

    Sent him a little card and RSF 75th anniversary coin... ;)🚒❤
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Way ahead of you, I have beaten it into this kid about who he hangs out with, what he does/doesn't do. It has not been an easy road, but he has worked super hard, and continues to make good choices. I work in the fire service so I fully understand the consequences.
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    Let’s talk glory holes

    This thread is a huge disappointment😂
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    something is stuck in my eye

    Ahh!! So independent!!
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Awesome!! Oside is a great dept, they get lots of calls! Nolan has been with the North County Fire Explorers for 4 years, he's in the 60th Academy, he's already got his EMT, so next year will be knocking those 2K hours out, and working toward medic! I work for Rancho Santa Fe!
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    So he was Academy 59? Who's he gonna work for?? We just hired a few new guys, I wonder if you son is one of them?
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    First day of fire academy!
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    Well, it's my turn......

    My Garmin reads my Pulse ox, it helped a lot when I had it to know I wasn't dipping in the no zone. I'm just now starting to feel better, tested positive on the 4th, I had 1 of the 2 Moderna shots, so I was considered unvaccinated. I can't help but wonder if I'd had both shots if my fatigue...
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    Hey Dan @H20 Toie got some news to share?!

    Friggen Beautiful!!