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  • LOL, I'm not really looking forward to the golf, Tanya's baby bro has been asking for a while so I decided to play. I'm a helluva guy, just ask me... :D

    They're both really good, T has been in Washington DC, will be home tonight.
    I'm the hell fine. How the hell are you? WTF is your sisters deal? I text her and get nothing, is she freaking tied up in Hemet and can't get out?
    He's an ex-military guy with a sweet JK, so what could go wrong??? LOL.
    LOL. You will actually like Sanchez...
    Weekend was awesome. Only got out on the water Saturday, we were exhausted and a little damaged yesterday so we clened up and headed home. It was nice to ride way up river, just T and me, we floated and played for a couple hours then met up with the gang from Pruitt. Bummed we wont be back out until the end of August, but hey we Cruise in 12 days... :thumbsup :champagne:
    Saw your comment about the name of my boat.... :) Thanks, it does make for some interesting conversation at the lake from time to time, lol.... :D
    It's not your Birfday, that's in December, today is your unbirfday therefore you can do whatever the fuck you want to... :D
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