1. Tommy Gun Images

    Tommy Gun Images Road To Nashville (Article)

    Had a great opportunity to work with Mercury Racing this year as they drew closer to the release of the V8 450R outboard. From Havasu to Florida to Nashville we had the chance to document a bunch of cool stuff and get to know Mercury Racing a little better. I've just posted a little story...
  2. The Road To Nashville With Mercury Racing

    The Road To Nashville With Mercury Racing

    The performance-boating industry generally consists of companies founded on a distinct passion for going fast on the water. Regardless of the size of the company, nearly all players in todays performance segment can trace their roots back to a simple love for the water and of course, the...
  3. krswes

    New 2019 Desert Storm Video by KKJ Media

    New 2019 Desert Storm Video by KKJ Media. KKJMedia.com Enjoy!
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    1991 CeeBee Avenger Model 203

    I am selling our 91 CeeBee Avenger Model 203 with a Mercury 2.5 200hp outboard engine. It currently has a Mercury High-five Prop, Bob’s Machine Shop Jack Plate and Low Water Pickup Nose Cone. This boat has been in my family since brand new. We grew up in this boat. It’s very fast and very...