1. pull-on

    1973 Kurtis 500 Blown V-drive

    Posting this for my buddy..... IF INTERESTED, CONTACT..............BRYAN (714) 336-8393 Call or text. Price is negotiable $20k OBO 1973 Kurtis 500 circle boat. Blown FE390, fresh blower, carbs, and ignition system. Tuned to run on 110 Octane. New plumbing, new battery, new starter...
  2. A

    [WTB] Looking short term to rent

    In a hurry to find a short term rental for just one person. Because of snowbird season, not much available or they want a long term lease. Or there are many applicants ahead of me trying to get approved. Looking for month to month lease for about 5 or 6 months or less in the lake havasu city...
  3. B

    Boat fire in Bluewater Lagoon

    Boat on fire in Bluewater Lagoon. Too bad the fire and rescue forgot to put his plug in!