tunnel hull

  1. WavetoWave

    True Tunnel Cats: Trick Powerboats, Lanier Custom Boats and Eliminator making small sport cats

    There are some small affordable true tunnel cats on the market now. Trick has a brand new 23 Widebody that is beautiful, and Eliminator re-designed the bottom on the 255, and Lanier has been making their 21 for a long time.. These hulls all have a similar beam, around 100" to 102" inches, but...
  2. boatsnhoes

    Prop ideas

    Hello all, I’m looking for a new prop. My boat is 1993 Lavey Craft Sebring 20.8 tunnel hull with a 1993 Mercury 200 black max. The prop is an embarrassing 5 blade 23p that doesn’t pickup very well and doesn’t do anything positive for the boat’s performance. I’m currently spinning about...
  3. audiolimits

    [WTS] (Sold) 1991 Eliminator Daytona 21

    Selling a 1991 Eliminator Daytona 21 This boat is awesome and i may really regret selling it. Has a 2019 Yamaha 250 SHO motor. Have two computers for it. The one currently in it is a 300 computer that has been tuned. 325HP and no Rev limiter. I also have the stock one as well. Motor Has low...
  4. kingcharles

    97 & 99 DCB Mach 22 w/twin 2.5's

    Selling my collection of DCB 22's with twin 260HP 2.5's. A 1997 and a 1999. The purple/yellow 97; total overhaul this past year. New KMG interior, new carpet, new big stereo, re-powdercoat the hardware, painted engine cowls to match, new billet battery trays, recon the bilge, recon the...
  5. audiolimits

    Cougar MTR 21 Jet setup.

    Does anyone on here have experience with droops, rideplate setup and shoe on a Cougar MTR 21 Jet? I am currently running a AT 9 1/4 Stainless impeller, inducer, hardened shaft, rideplate 2.5 degree's up. I just put a mini droop on which I'm gonna test Wednesday. The boat hooks up great and...