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Etched in European refinement, reminiscent of a Riva to some and a Magnum to others – Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats surprised us with a reprise of its sexy 420 Monte Carlo first undraped inside the Miami Beach Convention Center, followed by its outdoor debut at the 2024 Palm Beach Boat Show at the Tuppen’s Marine booth this past week.

Sketched by the Norwegian brain trust of Trond Schou and Nils Johnson, you’d expect to see the 2024 model moored along the Med with Agent 007 behind the helm. With or without Bond on board, the boat still projects the same classic styling blueprint of its ten-year-plus predecessor. Nevertheless, adhering to current market demand makes for one major attention-grabbing alteration… replacing the Mercury Racing supercharged 700s, turbocharged 1100s, and Yanmar diesels from days past is a collective of triple Mercury Racing 500R outboards (also customizable with 300s or 400s in a triple or quad format).

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Bringing Sexy Back

“The 420 Monte Carlo is for people that want the same creature comforts of a center console but with a less fishy, sexier feel,” says Michigan dealer Michael Knoblock from American Custom Marine. The dayboat is too a party boat and the sound system and seating set-up confirms that. For Nor-Tech’s Wednesday night party, the JL Audio team synced the speakers on the Monte Carlo and the 400 SuperSport across the booth to its live DJ and saxophone player. Arriving from the upstairs entrance completely across the main floor exhibition hall, through the walls you could already hear the beats and bass drops.

An abundance of benches in the open format cockpit means you’re fee to invite the entire tribe, and thanks to the center positioning of the helm, the captain can easily interact with guests. Many may not know the original inspiration – and the primary reason the helm station sits directly in the middle – is the design dates back to a Norwegian customer who wanted a modern version of the actual “Monte Carlo brand” motorboat.

Sounds and sexiness aside, what really impressed RDP is the fact its finest and fanciest features – all hydraulically actuated – are also the most functional ones. Standing behind the recessed dash, if the wind picks up, the tempered-glass windshield rises with the push of a button creating a breeze-free area, and lowers back down just as effortlessly. What’s more, the larger forward windshield acts as a double barrier of protection for all passengers in the back. And if the elements become too extreme, the starboard door slides open leading to an inviting, air-conditioned cabin with private stand-up head and plenty of daytime light from the portholes above the V-berth.

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12 420 MC Cabin sink.JPG
14 420 MC V-berth.jpg
13 420 MC Head.JPG

The next component to slide is the stern bench-slash-lounger. Operated from a port side switch under the mesh pocket of the console, in a matter of seconds it converts from one position to the other, and when in upright mode, a table can be added to the zone. The last of the impressive hydraulic systems is the rear door that lowers into a platform or side deck extending outward with access to the water.

Speaking of water, the $1.5 million Monte Carlo was finished just before show time meaning its triple 500Rs never had a chance to shine, but predictions “somewhere in the high 80s to low 90s” were voiced by the experts. Interestingly, the boat is built from the same bottom hull design as the 390 center console known for is longer running surface and better ride in rough water. Chief operating officer Henrik Margård informs us that, this model remains one of Nor-Tech’s biggest sellers, even after the 400 SuperSport was introduced two years back.

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Customizing and What’s to Come

With the Monte Carlo, the idea is to be able to customize your boat to where you do your boating. On future builds, buyers will be able to choose from a bow rider edition, which will replace the lower V-berth, but still offer a private head. A Bimini top or hard top can also be included. The 42-footer will stick to a limited production schedule, giving precedence to the popular center console series of which two a week are being constructed from the four-boat line-up. On display at the shows were the latest 2024 models of the 400 SuperSport (indoors) and 390 Sport (outdoors).

The cat has also been let out of the bag regarding the Cape Coral-based company’s return to its “twin-hull roots” where it all began back in 2000. Soon to come, Nor-Tech will deliver a monstrous new catamaran touting an excellent marriage of performance and pleasure – for a different twist, it will feature four outboards and a cabin below deck!

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