Story and photos by DinaRella / Additional photos from Scot Conrad and Troy Hannon

Part Two
Launched in 2010 and lightening the wallet by $130,000, the smallest of the Goldfish Tender series fits five and flies to 60 knots or near 70 mph under the power of a single Mercury Marine 225. Heralded for its immersed cockpit, the boat’s exceptionally low center of gravity forces weight down and increases stability, resulting in a less bumpy, more balanced ride, as well as, safer maneuvering around the recessed helm area.

Engineered for impressive speed and agility in order to deliver those big grins to guests while bolting over billowing waves at top speeds, the low-profile, open boat has been vacuum-infused with Vinylester and high density Divinycell core. By using this method of construction and materials, the 23-footer is able to absorb and withstand energy exerted from the constant impact. Another recipe for success improving hull efficiency stems from the minimum hydrodynamic drag, in this case, by affording a reported 25-30 percent savings in fuel costs when compared to conventional V-bottoms in the same size range.

1 Goldfish 23 Tender.JPG
2 GF recessed lower cockpit.JPG
3 GF Merc 225.JPG
4 GF recessed flooring.JPG
5 GF minimalist dash.JPG

Hallmarks of the Scandinavian design mantra – calling for doing away with unnecessary complexities – stick right out when eye-balling the billet hardware touches from the side rails to the sides of the windshield; carbon fiber craftsmanship of storage compartments; the minimalist dash; and ergonomic seating offering sideways support for driver and co-pilot.

Its purposeful exterior packaging is as praiseworthy its pure simplicity. Heavy duty rubber D-fenders contribute to the catchy visual character, but more importantly, to keep the craft in pristine condition, they can be replaced if ruffled up from docking and disembarking.

6 GF billet rails.JPG
7 GF carbon fiber tooling.JPG
8 GF Scandinavian simplicity.JPG
9 GF hardware.JPG
10 GF steering wheel.JPG
11 GF D fenders.JPG

You know what else is replaceable? The cushions! They attach and detach by Velcro and snaps, making it a cinch to swap out and switch the color scheme of the entire boat. Also of particular delight, affixed center stage on the dash panel are custom crafted plaques engraved with Pål Sollie’s signature and the hull number.

Talking of Pål and traits which set the boat builder apart for the competition, the amount of time Goldfish spends on R&D of the bottom is one last thing Scot shares with RDP, noting that, “Because of the way they ride with their stepped hull and long running surface which is more squared off with an extra few feet, when you look across the water and see something really flat and fast – you know it’s a Goldfish."

12 GF Scandinavian style.JPG
13 GF Velco snap cushions.JPG
14 GF model number.JPG
15 Goldfish signature numbering.JPG
16 Goldfish 23 in action.jpg

Another spot “you know it’s a Goldfish” is in the SLT showroom. With larger fish lurking on the horizon, next in from Norway is the 28-footer sporting a single T-top and black anodized hardware, followed shortly after by a bigger predator from the X-series. Until then, for anyone new to the SLT name, it’s time for a short overview of their offerings.

Standing for SEA, LAND and TIME, the family-run business established in 2020 is managed by Scot, his lifelong partner Dustin Simon and his son Max. Together they bring 25 years of experience in the luxury goods market to the public providing top-of-the-line new and pre-owned boats, in addition to, state-of-the-art storage solutions for exotic and classic cars in an 8,000-square-foot, upper-level, climate-controlled, concrete storage garage (Neptune Boat Lifts was commissioned to engineer a one-off elevator style lift). Accompanying these services is WATCH EXPO, a high-end timepiece boutique in the heart of the horsepower haven.

SLT also maintains a strong presence in offshore racing. As the exclusive dealer representing Canados Yachts in America, the company is a key sponsor of the 450R Factory Stock class 227 Gladiator Canados Doug Wright campaigned by Scot’s former racing comrade, business associate and owner of Canados, Michel Karsenti. Rounding out a respected powerboat industry trio that each work to support one another, is none other than Troy Hannon of Supreme Marine. The fellow offshore racer and ringmaster of rigging, Hannon works double time not only servicing SLT customers’ crafts, but he also handles all rigging and maintenance of Karsenti’s 38-footer catamaran raceboat.

17 SLT Collection main showroom.JPG
18 SLT storage and service.jpg
19 SLT Neptune one-off car lift.JPG
20 SLT Exotic car storage.jpg
21 SLT Watch Expo.jpg

22 Supreme Marine.jpg
23 SLT sponsored Doug Wright.jpg
24 450 Class DW Canados SLT.jpg

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