Story and select photos by DinaRella / Additional photos from Outerlimits, Boyne Thunder Poker Run & OSO classifieds

We started talking about the Outerlimits SC 37 during its construction phase in the summer of 2020 back when RDP toured the Bristol, Rhode Island, headquarters with national sales manager Dan Kleitz.

AT THAT TIME, the SC 37 was making news because it was going to be different than its predecessors with precious sound-piercing stern drives such as the SC 46 Hurry Up!!! owned by Jason and Laurie Moe and Jet which belongs to Burton and Yvette Kirsten. Following industry trends – albeit a bit tardy to the party – as you probably guessed, the divergence was the swapping over to Mercury Racing turn-key 450R outboards.

AT THIS TIME, making even bigger news is the “speedy” success stories behind the first series of splashed units with the first hitting 125 mph out of the box back in the summer of 2021 a year after our visit. But the title says 130 mph, so keep reading.

Reminiscing back to the main talking point on that August day with Dan about what sets the SC 37 apart, Kleitz said, “We didn't want a small boat. Our vision was something that could handle big water. Between the cockpit, deck and the sheer height, it needed to be big, strong and powerful. The SC 37 stands out in size because even though the design plan was based on a true 36-foot running surface, the bustle pushes it to 37-1/2 feet." The ergonomic attributes running along the rear deck coupled with the unique bustle extending back past the outboards and middle swim step work in unison to project sleek, ultra-modern, brand-defining lines telling you it’s an Outerlimits!

1 SC 37 1.JPG
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6 SC 37 hull 1 cockpit.jpg
7 SC 37 white outboards.jpg

The immediately revealing lines incorporated into the build along with its massive freeboard and deep cockpit made it hard not to spot the green and blue OL dream machine slotted between a Mystic, a Yellowfin, and a Sunsation on the Grove Harbour Marina docks which doubled as home base for all Mercury Racing demos from Wednesday to Friday of the 2023 Miami Boat Show. The sad part of this story also took place here on the dock, and can be summed up in 14 words: My scheduled test-ride never happened because the owner showed up and took the boat.

And while not physically onboard for the slaying it gave Biscayne Bay, nor even for five minutes to get my story photos, what I can tell you is how the twin-hull giddy-ups onto plane lightening fast like a thoroughbred. Ingrained with Mike-Fiore-DNA from bow to stern and further embedded with strategic design expertise from offshore powerboat racing’s mad-lad Sir Steve Curtis, the five-seater boasting of wide sponsons and a deep tunnel reached a “launching high” of 131 miles per hour.

Above and beyond its rocket-fast acceleration, leaning on the conservative side with the 10’ beam width, makes the cat more maneuverable off the water. No tilt trailer is needed for towing and fuel fill-ups at the gas pump are stress-free (until the monthly credit card bill arrives). Gear and gadgets onboard include a 22-inch Garmin, twin 9-inch VesselViews, Livorsi throttles, a JL Audio stereo system and SeaDek matting.

8 SC 37 at Mercury Racing demos.jpeg
9 SC 37 cockpit.jpeg
10 SC 37 Grove Harbour.JPG
11 SC 37 twin 450s.jpeg

Whether hustling over ripples or rollers, the first round out of the mold have all smashed the 130-mph mark achieving hair-whipping speeds leaving Kleitz and his crew feeling pleased. Of the said hulls, the original number one minimalist black and white vinyl edition went to a Connecticut client and was later used for demos. The second belongs to well-known offshore racer and die-hard OL customer Vinnie Diorio out of Wisconsin and was featured inside the Miami Beach Convention Center last year. It’s even color-matched to his Super Cat-class SV Racing canopied 39-footer that he owns with race partner Simon Prevost.

Moving on, another loyalist couple, Jeremy and Kristie Tschida, laid claim to the glowing green and orange fourth unit, instantly recognizable from brightening up the Boyne Thunder Poker Run this past summer. Taking cues from Diorio’s “color me bad-azz” OL combo, the Minnesota couple matched their new kitty to its big sister Topless, a SC 46 fitted with 1350s.

And speaking of color, as for what hardware has been wrapped verse painted, Stephen Miles would be a good guy to have a chat with, given that his Kentucky-based shop Stephen Miles Design (SMD) was responsible for either creating the graphics wraps (applied on hull two and three by Adpro Design), or painting the new triple-digit speedboats which have enjoyed solid sales from the start with 11 orders inked in the purchase log from early on.

What’s even cooler about the current success the SC 37 is experiencing is that Outerlimits originally kicked things off with a 37-footer. The flagship’s very first build dating back to 1994 was a 37’ Stiletto fitted with twin 800-hp Richie Zul powerplants.

12 SC 37 hull 1.jpg
13 SC 37 Diorio hull 2.jpg
14 SC 37 up for sale.jpg
15 SC 37 light and bright.jpg
16 SC 37 cockpit.jpg
17 SC 37 Tschida hull 4.jpg
18 deck to deck Tschida and Diorio.jpg

If big is not what you dig, the ravishing purple and white SV 29 was another dynamite OL powerboat on site. Many will recall the SV 29 (stern drive version) dominated the Key West Worlds race course its first year in action. Today with twin Merc Racing 300R outboards, the 29-footer clocks in at just under 100 mph.

As for Outerlimits Powerboats last bit of Miami news, for performance boaters who prefer a roof overhead, it’s on the way! Already in the pipeline, an amenity-laden, six seater canopied version has been confirmed, and the first three hulls are already accounted for. Let’s just hope all goes well with the in-house design process. If not, Curtis is never far from reach for hull modification duty.

For those that missed the Outerlimits factory story, here you can take a peek into where the magic happens.

And for fastboat enthusiasts missing the monster inboards and old-skool Stilettos… well the last two snaps are for you!

19 SV 29.jpg
21 SV 29.JPG
20 SV 29 cockpit.jpeg
22 SV 29 twin Merc 300s.jpeg
24 OL inboards at Boyne Thunder Poker Run-rdc.jpg
23 1st ever 1994 OL 37 Stiletto.jpg