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  • Hey Mark the water cop did not show.As far as being out of hand,Well it was nothing new.You know every year it takes one guy to hit a soar spot on another and then they come to the boards to bitch about it.Like one said on the boards if it was that bad why didn't you go over and talk to the guy?To me it was the same as it has been for the past couple of years that I have been.As far as newer people and the vibe it was a little different.Just new people and new faces.I think people felt a little violated bye these newbies being here.Thats all I witnessed.
    Hey you OLD FART! I was just thinking about pm you,were your ears burnin LOL!
    My buddy might have somthing for you.I dont know your price range but he wants 3500 for a 468 BBC.Steele cranck,7/16 rods,trw forged 10-1 pistons,merlin cast big heads,dominator intake,dominator 1150 carb.Oil pan to carb.Also comes with msd billit dizzy.The motor is apart for inspection purposes.Just needs assembly.Motor only has about 8 paases on it and still loos new.I would put it together and run it.Its a great deal if your interested.He pulled it out of his 55 chevy and wants to go small blosck LS with injection.
    Buy the way you said you new what happend to that accident at the lake a couple of weekends ago.Just woundering for my own peice of mind.Alot of stipulation on the boards of what happened.Me with kids I just will have to pay more attention on what I am doing in my boat.RIP Lucas Nelson.
    When we going out to the lake.have not seen you in a while.Talk with you soon Tom.
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