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  • Hey bigbore500r you spoke with my dad about a parts list to swap in a LS Configuration into my 98 tacoma v6. Could you help me figure out all the parts list I would need for a LS1/T56 setup?
    Hey Bigbore500r, just read a thread you posted a while back on the Chevy 5.3 I’m new to the thread and have questions for you if you don’t mind.
    I'm helping liquidate a friends toys and will have a 2005 discovery available, 60,000 miles, one owner. will have more detail in a couple of weeks. I drove it back from Gunnison Co. a month ago. If I needed it, I'd buy it. I'd put it an 8.5. think shes talking 48,000 or so. let me know, John
    Good evening. Was wondering if your needles house is Available for June 16th thru the 19th ? You can text me at 909. -721-7712. Brian Hanlon.
    Good evening sir was wondering if your place available the weekend of June 17th thru 20th if so what the rate
    Hello, sorry it is unavailable that weekend. Right now June - August are full, but we have Openings in March - May and Sept - Oct
    Hey man I've got 3 small ones I take to Gorman every couple weeks if you ever want to meet up with us. We go to the MX track and the kids ride the kids track and 1.5 mile GP track which we often have totally to ourselves! We usually go go Sunday from 10-2. Here is my cell 323-217-3826 Damion
    Hey Jerry, I sent you a PM with a couple questions. If you get some time to get back with me I would greatly appreciate it.
    I'm Looking to DOD delete also. Id like to bring the truck by if your available for this. thanks George
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