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  • Saw a bunch of your videos on youtube of the COR races, I met those guys at the boatshow and have been kicking around the idea of getting into it. They said I could race an STV as long as I put a 2.0 on it. It would be cool if I went that route then I could have a play boat and a race boat in one, drop a 2.5 powerhead on it when I wasnt racing, etc. Pretty sure I asked you before, do you know of any STV's out here for sale? No engine, and not pretty to look at would be fine with me, I would like to take my time and restore it and make it race / play ready anyway. They are all over the place on the east coast, just looking to avoid the grand or so to get one across the country. I have been watching scream and fly and craigslist for awhile and have not seen anything.

    Thanks, Walt
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