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  1. Tommy Gun Images

    DCB Regatta Article Is Up

    Check it out here... https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/articles/keeping-the-tradition-alive-2019-dcb-regatta.662/
  2. Keeping The Tradition Alive... 2019 DCB Regatta

    Keeping The Tradition Alive... 2019 DCB Regatta

    Over the years Lake Havasu City has been host to many a manufacturers regatta. From the early days the regatta has been an institution for both owners and fans of the many builders that have come and gone in the west coast boating scene. In their hay day regattas pulled in huge numbers of both...
  3. Rivr22

    Magic Deck Boat Interior Upgrades

    I finally pulled the trigger on upgrading my 2005 Magic 28ft Deck Boat. After seeing all the new boats with the kick ass interiors over the last couple of seasons at the river I was thinking of buying a new boat. My only hesitation was that I really like my boat... my Magic has plenty of room...
  4. C


    decided to sell my 1999 Cole Nighthawk 22. With the 502 EFI, largest engine upgrade by Jim Cole. Been in my family since new. This Cole was a custom to order build. included every option available. Custom 7 color gel coat with pin stripping. Foot throttle, twin 35 gallon fuel tanks. Stereo...
  5. Chase Chapell's new M31 with 860's!!  - SICK!!

    Chase Chapell's new M31 with 860's!! - SICK!!

    Before I get started with this, I'd like to offer a small apology with Tony and Jeff. They sent me this boat for an RDP "Exclusive", and I have been so busy with "life" that I didn't get it up until right now. That being said, lets take a look at Dave Chapell's new M31! I have to say I...
  6. Tommy Gun Images

    PinkTaco's 2017 In Pictures...

    2017 was a great year for my little photo business and I just posted a blog about it if anyone cares to check it out. Looking for big things from 2018! Happy New Year! http://www.tommygunimages.com/blog/2018/1/2017-the-view-from-my-face