1. N2DEEEP


    Update: sold!! I have 2 Dcb pin cleats I purchased but can't use, they don't fit the older boats. To reference, I have 2002 Mach 26. New on site they're $35 each. Make an offer if you need them, buyer covers shipping. Update: still available…I also have a Amplock trailer coupler lock #BR2516...
  2. 201 ET

    Eliminator 33X Speedster or DCB M35 Purchase: All opinions or prior experience are appreciated.

    This is not an argument thread just a general discussion on personal experience or industry knowledge regarding these two boats. I am currently trying to sell my Eliminator to upgrade. I would like to build either an Eliminator 33X Speedster or a DCB M35. I know some will say the 33X is more...
  3. Thomas K

    Desert Storm 2022

    Here are some pics
  4. Thomas K

    A few pics of Desert Storm 2021

  5. boatsnhoes

    [WTB] Lavey Craft 21XCS, Hallet 210 or similar

    I prefer closed bow, outboard or I/O, cat’s a plus too...no jet boats please. Pricing is open but would like to stay under $40k. I will travel for the right boat - PNW guy here. Something like the attached! Thanks.
  6. Los Angeles Boat Show 2020!

    Los Angeles Boat Show 2020!

  7. krswes

    Boating Video.... Send It!!!

    Last day of boating on the Delta for 2019. Video shot yesterday KKJMedia.com
  8. Keeping The Tradition Alive... 2019 DCB Regatta

    Keeping The Tradition Alive... 2019 DCB Regatta

    Over the years Lake Havasu City has been host to many a manufacturers regatta. From the early days the regatta has been an institution for both owners and fans of the many builders that have come and gone in the west coast boating scene. In their hay day regattas pulled in huge numbers of both...
  9. krswes

    The 2019 DCB Regatta, Lake Havasu.

    Check out the video for the 2019 DCB Regatta. Shot and edited by KKJ Media. Link to video....
  10. krswes

    New 2019 Desert Storm Video by KKJ Media

    New 2019 Desert Storm Video by KKJ Media. KKJMedia.com Enjoy!
  11. 40woodie

    Out With The Old, In With The New!

    Thanks to Rick at Maxed Out Marine for helping me get the boat of my dreams!
  12. Tommy Gun Images

    Lake Powell Challenge... A Decade of the Vital Few

    Just posted an article on the front page about this year's Lake Powell Challenge. Check it out here... https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/articles/lake-powell-challenge-the-decade-of-the-vital-few.551/
  13. classicvdrives

    21' VDrive Day Cruiser - for sale $12k

  14. kingcharles

    97 & 99 DCB Mach 22 w/twin 2.5's

    Selling my collection of DCB 22's with twin 260HP 2.5's. A 1997 and a 1999. The purple/yellow 97; total overhaul this past year. New KMG interior, new carpet, new big stereo, re-powdercoat the hardware, painted engine cowls to match, new billet battery trays, recon the bilge, recon the...
  15. F

    Pre owned Dcb F26 info

    I'm looking buy a 2004 F26 with inboard merc 525. I think this boat has been around a bit so looking for some info on the good or bad thanks here is the link to who has is for sale now I see it was for sale for 90 grand in in 08 and now listed for 89k thats some great value holding power there.
  16. RiverDave

    Desert Storm Recap Video

  17. Chase Chapell's new M31 with 860's!!  - SICK!!

    Chase Chapell's new M31 with 860's!! - SICK!!

    Before I get started with this, I'd like to offer a small apology with Tony and Jeff. They sent me this boat for an RDP "Exclusive", and I have been so busy with "life" that I didn't get it up until right now. That being said, lets take a look at Dave Chapell's new M31! I have to say I...
  18. Tommy Gun Images

    PinkTaco's 2017 In Pictures...

    2017 was a great year for my little photo business and I just posted a blog about it if anyone cares to check it out. Looking for big things from 2018! Happy New Year! http://www.tommygunimages.com/blog/2018/1/2017-the-view-from-my-face
  19. C

    1998 DCB Mach 22 280's for sale

    So here it is officially up for sale! 1998 DCB Mach 22 Twin 280s. Under 200hrs, injectors serviced every year, filters changed every other trip along with drive fluid, plugs semi annually, decarb semi annually, run only AV gas. Tons of 1 off stuff on the boat; cocktail seats, key and push button...