1. Havasu_Locals

    Howard or RPM?

    These two look interesting... Single go fast cats -- what would you go with? https://mohave.craigslist.org/boa/d/lake-havasu-city-howard-28-scs/6944559486.html or https://mohave.craigslist.org/boa/d/hesperia-2009-rpm-redline-26/6931429976.html
  2. aka RiverPirate

    CP Regatta from the air...

    Almost everyone at the CP Regatta... The second photo is from about 600 ft high... I got the '83 Bahner next to the umbrella... lol
  3. Tommy Gun Images

    Tommy Gun Images Road To Nashville (Article)

    Had a great opportunity to work with Mercury Racing this year as they drew closer to the release of the V8 450R outboard. From Havasu to Florida to Nashville we had the chance to document a bunch of cool stuff and get to know Mercury Racing a little better. I've just posted a little story...
  4. The Road To Nashville With Mercury Racing

    The Road To Nashville With Mercury Racing

    The performance-boating industry generally consists of companies founded on a distinct passion for going fast on the water. Regardless of the size of the company, nearly all players in todays performance segment can trace their roots back to a simple love for the water and of course, the...
  5. RiverDave

    Desert Storm Recap by KKJ!

  6. Tommy Gun Images

    Tommy Gun Images Desert Storm in Pictures...

    Thought I'd throw some of my DS pics up to share. This year's Desert Storm was beyond busy for me but I'm slowly starting to sift through everything and get it organized. We started the week off with some private helicopter shoots for some clients...
  7. Tommy Gun Images

    PinkTaco's Desert Storm After Party Pics...

    Over the years since I started on my little photography journey Desert Storm has remained the cornerstone event that I get the privilege to cover each year. Each year has become busier than the last and I'm blessed year after year with more clients to serve. My work load Desert Storm week has...
  8. WhatExit?

    Merry Christmas RDP 2017

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy the holiday with your family and friends - every day is special