1. 921bradyjohnson

    Casale Gear ratio help

    Anyone have any advice on what size gears to run in a 12 degree casale. The boat its going in is a 1970 hondo flatbottom with a 496 BBC making around 700hp. the gears in it right now are 1.15 gears but they are eaten up with rust and I was wondering if i should switch out gears to a higher gear...
  2. Infamous "Outlaw Nationals" didn't happen.... again.

    Infamous "Outlaw Nationals" didn't happen.... again.

    Last Saturday evening I was sitting at the bar at Sundance Saloon having a beer with my buddy, Daren Van Ryte ( @OCphotographics ). I had just signed Amanda Ames' pants (a whole other story) and was relaxing after shooting the Outlaw Nationals V-drive event that “DIDN’T” happen at Sundance...
  3. krswes

    ********** Dog and Andy's 2020 V-Drive Event. NEW VIDEO ***********

    Check out Dog and Andy's 4th Annual V-Drive Event from last weekend. Video shot and edited by KKJ Media Check out the Video...... 👇👇👇 Check out KKJMedia.com for more. Website- KKJMedia.com Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6Hgb1CkYVamxxxm3VO8qhg Instagram-...
  4. Andrew6183

    For Sale - Campbell Classic 20 w/ 427 side oiler

    87 Campbell Classic 20. CLEAN. Electric cav plates, fresh dual batteries, dual 25 gal fuel tanks with switch. Decent stereo with Aux cord connect, stellar interior. I’ve owned it 3 years and prior it sat for 10 unused in arrowhead, it was the last Classic 20 made before the mold was destroyed...
  5. D

    WTT- for V-Drive, Flatty or Daycruiser - 56 Ford Flatbed Half Breed

    Not even sure if Dave will allow this, but here goes. I'm wanting to trade for a flatbottom or daycruiser, V-drive... Something leaning towards the bench-seat vintage flatty era, as opposed to the radical two-seater blast beast. I already have a fast enough Hallet Vector, but like I said, I'm...
  6. 2018 Dog & Andy's Vdrive Run

    2018 Dog & Andy's Vdrive Run

    You ever wonder how an event got started? Like, where it was conceived and then pondered to the point where someone finally said… “Yeah, lets do that… next month!” Then put hours and hours of work into pulling it off just so everyone could show up and have a good time? (hint: River Dave knows...
  7. FastLoudPhoto

    2018 Flat Bottom Boogie

    With the Flat Bottom Boogie event coverage live on the front page, I thought I would share my "behind-the-scenes" video I made while getting the shots. To get this video footage, I bought a bracket that mounts to the hot shoe of my camera and holds my phone while I shoot. Not a bad way to get...
  8. Halvecto

    Who new? Schiada 24

    Hustled down on-ramp to 5 South today; perfect timing to see this beaut. Likely coming from Teague? Still in rigging process. Capped. Pics don't show it well, but that is more a red than burgundy. Classic look. Fantastic boat. Anyone know more about this build?