1. K

    1971 Schiada Flat question

    Hey everyone, Sorry if it's a dumb question or has been answered (I searched but didn't find anything). I've got a '71 Schiada flat bottom I inherited from my old man. I'm getting her back on the water and will have the engine done this month, but had a "creature comfort" question. The torque...
  2. Who Let The Dogs Out?  The 6th Annual Dog & Andy’s Vdrive Run returns to Windmill Cove.

    Who Let The Dogs Out? The 6th Annual Dog & Andy’s Vdrive Run returns to Windmill Cove.

    Last weekend, all the dogs came out to play on the Northern California Delta for the 6th Annual Dog & Andy’s Vdrive Run at Windmill Cove Bar & Grill. Located just outside of Stockton, CA, the venue has been home to the event since its inception. Despite what the name implies, this...
  3. Infamous "Outlaw Nationals" didn't happen.... again.

    Infamous "Outlaw Nationals" didn't happen.... again.

    Last Saturday evening I was sitting at the bar at Sundance Saloon having a beer with my buddy, Daren Van Ryte ( @OCphotographics ). I had just signed Amanda Ames' pants (a whole other story) and was relaxing after shooting the Outlaw Nationals V-drive event that “DIDN’T” happen at Sundance...
  4. pull-on

    1973 Kurtis 500 Blown V-drive

    Posting this for my buddy..... IF INTERESTED, CONTACT..............BRYAN (714) 336-8393 Call or text. Price is negotiable $20k OBO 1973 Kurtis 500 circle boat. Blown FE390, fresh blower, carbs, and ignition system. Tuned to run on 110 Octane. New plumbing, new battery, new starter...
  5. 2018 Dog & Andy's Vdrive Run

    2018 Dog & Andy's Vdrive Run

    You ever wonder how an event got started? Like, where it was conceived and then pondered to the point where someone finally said… “Yeah, lets do that… next month!” Then put hours and hours of work into pulling it off just so everyone could show up and have a good time? (hint: River Dave knows...
  6. K

    Podcast with Billy B. and yes he is nuts...

  7. FastLoudPhoto

    2018 Route 66 Hot Boat and Custom Car Show

    Last weekend was the much anticipated Route 66 Hot Boat and Custom Car Show in the desert city of Needles (with the “Billy B’s” moniker being conspicuously absent). Just like last year, I was all set to travel with, party with, and of course, shoot the event with my good friends, Daren VanRyte...
  8. B

    1972 Sanger flat bottom for sale

    total rebuild in 2016. 468 BBC. Merlin heads, 8.1 comp, 2-750 Demon Carbs with stage 2 build, solid lifter with Isky roller cam. 6.71 blower, 12 qt pan, engine build by Advanced Racing. dyno'd 749 HP, all steel braided lines. whirl away, Casale V-drive, fresh drive line, new 2 blade prop, rudder...
  9. FastLoudPhoto

    2018 Weekend Paradise

    Made a recap video of the New Years Day V-Drive Regatta at Weekend Paradise on Lake Elsinore. Lots of badass boats and cool peeps. Already looking forward to next year.