They say there’s a Magic regatta every weekend due to their overwhelming popularity out here in Havasu. Any one that’s cruised the channel on any given weekend might think there’s a regatta going on. There was no mistake this weekend though with the Magic Powerboat Owners Meetup!

The event started with a welcoming party poolside at the Nautical. I had arrived with Preston Woolery (the new owner of Magic Powerboats as well as Horizon motorsports). One of his sponsorships of the event was a 2,000.00 bar tab for the group itself! While it’s a bit of an unorthodox sponsorship, apparently it was very well received. By the time we arrived, the bar tab was gone and everyone was all smiles. The sun was setting and I was anxious to get the drone up in the air and take pictures, but struggling to break away as the instant I walked in I was shaking hands and being handed beers. The welcome party was a huge hit, with everyone talking about what a great day Saturday was going to be.



I woke up the next morning a little shaky, but thankful I got some photos the night before. I was excited to get on the water with Preston and Dustin. Apparently, I wasn’t as excited as them, though, because when I showed up at Horizon (early), they were already on the water.

I should be transparent and tell you I’ve never been on a Magic before, but waiting for my ride on the sand, it was clear which boat Preston was on. This 30’ beast of a deck boat pulled up and I hopped on board. I managed to snag a couple photos of the V-Hulls group leaving for Pirate Cove for their charity event (but that’s another article).


Rotary Beach was beginning to fill up with Magics by the time when we arrived. There was a good turn out with 30+ boats coming and going at any given time. The Woolerys jumped into full swing the second they got off the boat, handing out swag and talking Magic with fellow owners. When the group got large enough (beach overflowing), we snagged a group photo, then began our traditional parade through the channel and the group was off to the Sand Bar. Clearing the buoys, I was not only surprised at how quickly we got up to 75 mph, but also how easy it was to have a conversation on board. Preston informed me that he shoved the largest mufflers he could fit on the Merc 700s to quiet them down. Big boat with big power AND a bit of a sleeper? That’s a win-win to me.








We continued on past the Sand Bar to check out the V-Hulls/Boat Gang Charity event at Pirates. After a good lunch and coverage of the charity event, we headed south to the Sand Bar to meet back up with the Magic group. Anchor thrown and beers cracked in waist-deep water topped off a damn good Saturday.

Earlier, I joked that every weekend on the water out here could be mistaken for a Magic regatta. After seeing the loyalty and enthusiasm to the brand, I am excited to watch the new builds on the Horizon. I suspect when things are up and running 100%, the popularity of the brand will continue the “weekly Magic regattas” tradition.

Photos/Story by Austin Foley (FoleyLoadedMedia)






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