While Water Ski Racing isn't incredibly prominent like it used to be in the United States, it is a very popular sport across the globe. Each year teams come from virtually everywhere to compete at international races like "The Diamond" that happened this past Sunday in Belgium!



It's hard enough to win a race in the states, but when you head over there and are competing against the best in the world, it is something that very few Americans will ever get a chance to experience, let alone having one team take home several victories at the same race! Nordic not only showed up, but embodied the spirit of "American Exceptionalism".


Tanner Haig took home the first place trophy in the 12 year old class with Dennis Hall observing and Steve (Stevie) Davis Driving!



Todd Haig (Catalina Ski Race Champion) won F1 overall with Dennis Hall Observing and Randy Davis Driving! F1 is one of the most competitive classes in Ski Racing as the boats are all set with the exact same power, so strategy, driving and skiing skill are literally what determines the winner, it has a lot less to do with the boat itself.

The Same holds true for the F2 Class, which Team Nordic also won! Bob and Holly Nixon's grandson Ty took second place with Rob M. observing and Stevie Davis Driving!


Both of those feats are absolutely incredible for an American to not only compete but take the podium. The thing that took me by surprise when I found out about it recently was that Steve (Stevie) Davis aka "The Bear" won the open class with Dennis Hall observing and Randy Davis driving!

When I first read that I thought it must be a typo. Then I asked around and said "I didn't even know Stevie skied? I thought he was mainly just a driver?"

I scoured some of Steve's social media and found out that he had been training for quite sometime out in the Pacific Ocean preparing to race.

The age ole saying that "Good things come to those who wait... So long as they work like hell when they wait" has come true! Steve on his own social media was exclaiming "He couldn't believe that he won the Diamond" and at first I thought it was very cool that Team Nordic won, especially with him driving. Now knowing that he did it behind the boat? Wow!! Congratulations to Team Nordic across the board, but having known Steve for a long time personally, I can say I am more than a little impressed!



This is the photo of Steve crossing the finishing winning by literally "a nose" after 40 minutes / 40 Kilometers of racing in the extremely rough waters of Belgium!


It's no small venture to go across the world to go racing, and I think it's great that Nordic Boats invests the time and the finances to not only sent their team over there, but send their products over there to compete with the best in the world. Not just sending a singular boat, but boats to compete in multiple classes.

Article by RiverDave
Pics by Steve Davis and Rochelle